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Thread: Rose Bowl Tix - How much would you pay?

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    I think the demand of Cal in the RB would be close to the SF Giants first WS at ATT. About the same period of time (50 years). I think standing room was $500...but there's only one RB game.

    Frankly I'm not sure how much I'd pay for a ticket. I was always banking on the idea (during the Tedford years) on a season ticket allotted RB ticket. I'd drop for $500, probably $1,000...but I'd have to think past that since I'm using the season tix logic.
    I think the demand would be far greater for Cal's 1st RB appearance in over 50 years.

    One of my best friends is a huge Wisconsin Badger fan and alum. When Barry Alvarez took them to their first Rose Bowl in forever, the demand was HUGE - and I believe tickets were going for $500 and up back then.

    They even set up a big screen in the parking area so those fans who didn't get tickets could at least watch the game and be in the same vicinity as the stadium.

    Considering how many Cal alum live in within, say a 2 hour flight from Burbank (closest airport to Pasadena), I've got to believe the demand would be rediculously high.

    Best thing for Cal fans would be to faces someone like Wisconsin on something like their 5th trip in 7 years or something like that - because the demand on that side would be less than if it were a Big10 team who just ended a decades long drought.

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    53 years and ahem, my left nut...

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