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Thread: Posts need better Free Throw shooting, or else

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    Aure is shooting 34.8 % which is just

    behind Clarenton. Last year she shot 38%.

    Interesting that every ball player was shooting free throws better than last year except Pierre and Caldwell. and every player was at 60 % or better. Some people do improve with age with Boyd being the best case example. Last year Caldwell and Pierre made big jumps but this year they regressed.

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    By the way, we are 4th in the Pac10

    which is 12 teams in 3 point FG percentage .

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    I am With You On This

    Quote Originally Posted by OdontoBear66 View Post
    I do not understand. FT shooting is teachable. If, between the head and assistant coaches, we have noone who can teach FT shooting, can we not bring in an outsider "consultant". There are so many great HS, club, AAU coaches as well as ex-BB players that could teach this discipline. Would a player shooting 50% become a 90% FT shooter? Probably not, but I would take 70-75% with that player.
    Every year with Cal WBB this same thread emerges, making me not understand why. What can be done? If every player just improved a little over what they are shooting, the team would go from 12/24 to say 16 or 17/24, which even though not great, would take us deeper into the rounds of the tourney. With so many good bigs, we will get fouled against good teams, and we will miss, which will cost us. Suggestions?
    I'm not in the "oh well, it is what it is camp". FT shooting is a skill that can be improved with coaching. After Boyle left I though Lindsay would make a difference with improving skill sets - remember how she harped on how the coaches would improve every player's skill set after her hire? I do, because I can't stand our unpredictable and often lousy FT shooting. Thought Lindsay would fix this, because it IS something that can be fixed (improved). It's not a matter of if we will lose games because of it, we already have (last year). The only question is why hasn't there been improvement and what has been tried to improve?

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