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Thread: OT: Warriors vs Lakers

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    Guys, seriously can we tone it down about five notches? It's Xmas eve and both you Bears are in danger of Santa skipping your cribs. We are Golden Bears. We can disagree but let's not resort to mean name calling.

    Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope that your blessings are many.
    Seize fire! Agree w nyc. Fully enjoy the ribbings but yeah, don't pretend these interactions would fly around CMS. Maybe we need a pro sports board? Regardless of the season, calm down.

    Speaking of which, I recommend a great Finnish film 'Rare Exports' for your holiday break entertainment. Its a dose of holiday season perspective. Our favorite teams wil surely be there next year when we can resume all this brotherly love.

    Happy Holidays and of course, Go Bears!


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    Go get em Dubs


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