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Thread: Sounds like huge NCAA rules changes coming

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    Sounds like huge NCAA rules changes coming

    Just read a yahoo news story

    Other proposals would allow:
    —Athletes to accept up to $300 per year beyond their own expenses to attend non-scholastic events, receive expenses and "reasonable benefits" associated with practices and competition with national teams, including tryouts;
    —Schools to provide normal expenses, including travel expenses, for athletes representing the school at events such as goodwill tours and media appearances;
    —Amateur teams or event sponsors to award money beyond an athlete's expenses based on the performance of that athlete or team in all sorts, not just tennis;
    —Schools, conferences or the NCAA to pay for medical expenses and any related expenses for the athlete.
    Barker acknowledged this is only the first phase of recommendations. The working group is expected to focus next on financial aid, playing and practice season rules.

    What does this mean?

    Item 2&3: basketball tournaments that are income generating media events would be allowed to pay the athlete?? Huh? All while representing the school, it would be a top tier school marketing bonanza, rich get richer.

    Much is unclear in this summary.

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    apparent source link'd

    Quote Originally Posted by concordtom View Post
    Just read a yahoo news story
    first found w/google:

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