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Thread: How about that Jeremy Ross! (nm)

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    How about that Jeremy Ross! (nm)


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    not a thread to use a "nm"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalBearinLA View Post
    not a thread to use a "nm"
    What's up with "nm"? That one is absolutely useless. smh

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    58 yard punt return

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    Sorry -- I just assumed that everyone here watches the Packers games. I didn't even know Ross got picked up by the Packers. It was good to see him get some air time (along with the mention of Cal).

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    man i wish they played packer games in LA! look at that offensive statline:

    Rodgers: 27/38 342 yards, 3 TD's, 1 rushing TD

    Ryan Grant: 20 carries for 80 yards, 2 TD's

    DaJuan Harris: 8 Carries 29 yards 1 TD

    Jeremy Ross with that 50+ yard Punt return

    ....and now the dud:

    jake locker 10/26: 89 yards...3.4 yards a pass...2 INTs

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    Who is worse Locker or Sanchez lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mechaniCAL View Post
    Who is worse Locker or Sanchez lol
    Sanchez by a mile..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mechaniCAL View Post
    Who is worse Locker or Sanchez lol
    Locker looks like Tarzan. Plays like Jane. Sanchez looks and plays like Jane.

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    I always thought the Sanchez pick was stupid. Obviously Woody Johnson wanted him.
    He has played like **** this year, and the press and the fans are all over him. But he never bitches, he was helping his replacemnt today, he doesn't whine to the press. All in all, a lousy quarterback, but a stand up person. I'll give him that.

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    Did you say Jeremy Ross?!?


    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    Any video link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burritos View Post
    Any video link?
    Here ya go! Jeremy Ross 58 yard PR

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    He's back! Jeremy Ross, 40 yard kick off return, 35 yard punt return against Minnesota.

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