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Thread: Haas floor finished (pic)

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    Haas floor finished (pic)

    same snapshot might be hidden in the other waay too long court thread.

    source is CalPostgameShow from about 30 mins ago:

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    Say it ain't so. Way too big of a logo, especially one that's not very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by familyfirst2011 View Post
    i like it
    I like it also

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    Change is hard when it comes to familiar graphics. Give it a couple of weeks to familiarize, and then decide. I have seen this often enough now that I am getting used to it and like it. It still has the traditional Cal script, but in smaller form and in different locations. I also like the new full California Golden Bears lettering on the baselines.

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    thanks annarborbear.

    Quote Originally Posted by annarborbear View Post
    Change is hard when it comes to familiar graphics. Give it a couple of weeks to familiarize, and then decide.
    though, fair warning, pretty soon they'll accessorize with volleyball lines, etc.

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    The Good, Bad & Ugly


    For a logo of his nature, I like the large size (and this appears to be in vogue for college courts now.

    I also like the natural wood color of the logo (rather than a color such as yellow)

    THE BAD:

    I think changing away from the Cal script is bad, and this final design doesn't change that. This final design also shows what I expected...that the Cal script got relegated to a minor feature (given no more prominance than the Pac12 logo).

    From a Brand point of view, I continue to believe that the Cal script is our strongest brand, and that it should be the biggest focus of everything we do in sports. This is the reason I liked the Cal football change. It kept the Cal script on the helmet. Everything else was gravy for me.

    For me, the 'secondary brand' should be "CALIFORNIA". I'd prefer the baselines would have just been cap CALIFORNIA instead of adding 'golden bear', but this is not a huge deal.

    From a marketing viewpoint, and considering one of Cal's goals was to 'unify' our brand, I think having 3 images to represent our brand is a lot. Should have kept it as 1. Cal 2. California 3. Bear logo. Seems like 2. and 3. have been switched.


    Fortunately, there is no "ugly" with this redesign. If the decision was to replace the Cal script with the Bear logo, at least they did it well.
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    I really like it - Much better when seen with the full court on display including the script Cal and the baseline Golden Bears. The key is what SiniCal mentioned. If they kept it as is above, it would be a HUGE improvement on what we have. Unfortunately, they are likely to need to put back in the volleyball lines and my fear is that we take a step back with all the busyness + larger logo

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    We will have to see if they keep the volleyball lines...

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    It's very large but proportioned just right

    It's seemingly overkill but slimmed to only cover a portion of midfloor between the baskets, so it doesn't seem obtrusive.

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    I like it, especially the screened back finish. Two exceptions---the "charging" Bear's ragged edges and is his mouth wide open or is he wearing a Halloween mask? However, at least he's not upside down now, and Tinker Hatfield can't take the blame or the credit.
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    It's not that bad. If you have to put the new bear logo in the center this is a good way to do it.

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    While it's not the largest logo, the Cal script is visible on the court on each half...which means that during highlights you will see Cal script where otherwise you wouldn't.

    Marketing trends are showing that you want the main logo on the floor during highlights (Sportscenter etc.) moreso than during the full game.

    I think that NOT having the Cal script visible in half court camera shots was a big part of the reasoning for the change...

    Just an FYI.

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    I don't mind the huge logo. The rest of the court is way too busy. I like clean. I like baseball uniforms without patches or emblems on the side. Just all white or grey with the main logo and number.

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    They really needed to invert the court 180 degrees and move the TV cameras to the other side so the student section is visible on TV. Looks like they didn't do that.

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