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Thread: Missy - Outstanding Achievement of the Year (2013)

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    Misc Missy stuff (dating back to 2012)


    With Professional Career Looming, Missy Franklin Getting Most Out of College Days


    Body of work

    If you were to build a swimmer from scratch, you’d start with a physique like Missy Franklin’s, according to two professors who study the biomechanics of swimming.


    Olympic athletes: Unique physiology of Missy Franklin makes her exceptionally fast

    Olympic hopeful swimmer Missy Franklin, 16, discusses her unique body and how it helps her excel in the pool while preparing for London in 2012. 'I just feel like a dolphin'.

    VIDEO ==>


    USA Swimming Stats- 11 Jan 2015

    It's amazing to think that Missy Franklin has broken a minute in the 100mBk every year since she's been 15 years old.


    Missy Franklin: London Games' "female Phelps"

    Published on Jul 30, 2012

    1.jpg In her first Olympics, Missy Franklin is set to swim seven events in London. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta has her story


    Missy Franklin (BIO)


    U.S. College Conundrum: Model On Missy Or Katie Or Miss It Like Michael & Aaron?

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    Cheryl Preheim - 29 Dec
    Isabella is fighting cancer & fighting to get back on her swim team. Visit from @FranklinMissy is "dream" #9news

    Missy Franklin - 29 Dec
    Meet my new dearest friend Isabella! She is such a bright light and inspiration to me with her smile and positivity despite her battle with cancer. I absolutely loved getting to know you �� Thank you so much @childrenscolo for having me back to visit all your amazing kids! I have more and more fun with them each time!☺️

    Elizabeth Whitehead - 29 Dec
    @FranklinMissy with 3-month-old Baby Matthew at @ChildrensColo. Missy: "I would keep you if I could."

    Cheryl Preheim - 29 Dec
    Beauties. Impossible to leave @ChildrensColo w/out perspective on what's important @FranklinMissy #9news at 10

    Elizabeth Whitehead - 29 Dec
    Young patient @ChildrensColo asked @FranklinMissy if she turns into a mermaid when she gets into the water. So cute!

    Children's Colorado - 29 Dec
    Patients are having a blast chatting with @FranklinMissy in the Seacrest Studio.
    Lots of giggles with @FranklinMissy as she plays Backwards Forwards. Can you say Olympic gold medalist backwards?


    Missy Franklin visits kids at Children's Hospital Colorado

    VIDEO ==> http://bcdownload.gannett.edgesuite....6001_missy.mp4


    Today Missy visited another special hospital, the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. She and Becca spent over an hour together sharing stories and discussing how their fathers embarrassed them. They both are 19, Colorado swimmers since kindergarten, made high school state every year, and are sophomores in college. But Becca's life changed in October when her "swimmer's shoulder" turned out to be an aggressive malignant bone tumor. Becca started on a round of chemotherapy tonight. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Becca and her family.

    Missy Franklin Surprises Swimmer With Rare Form Of Cancer


    What is your dream? Missy Franklin inspires patients at Children's Hospital Colorado

    Children's Hospital Colorado

    Published on Jan 2, 2013

    On December 13, 2012, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin visited patients at Children's Hospital Colorado. They shared their dreams with her and she shared some inspiration with them. What is your dream and will you achieve it?

    VIDEO ==>


    Franklin Shares Smiles in Denver over Holiday Break


    Missy Franklin Makes A Special Holiday Visit To Seacrest Studios

    Missy Franklin stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado to wrap up 2014 with a special holiday visit. Even though it was a cold snowy day, she was greeted by a studio of warm smiles, cheers, and applause! Missy’s positive attitude beamed through the studio right away as she thanked the kids for allowing her to visit and alerting everyone that she has “never been in a studio this cool with kids this cool.”

    The Olympic gold medalist explained that she began swimming because her mom was terrified of the water and didn’t want her to have that same experience. With a huge smile, Franklin explained that she started swimming at 6 months old and “once they put me in the water, they couldn’t get me out.”

    The kids in the studio were eager to take over the interview and Gabe started off the questions by asking if she ever expected to be world famous. Graciously, Franklin instantly answered “No” and went on to explain that she was “swimming because I loved it! I loved practicing with my friends. The whole time I was just having so much fun, I think that’s why I kept getting faster.” And when asked about the secret to her success, Missy responded that it is to “always smile. Even though some things are challenging, having a smile always makes everything easier.”

    Shelby, an avid swimmer who had even dressed as Missy Franklin for Halloween, was curious about which stroke was her favorite. Missy answered quickly, “the backstroke, because I can breathe whenever I want to,” she studio laughed at the witty reply. Samantha asked what one thing Missy would like to do that she hasn’t done before. “Skiing is something I can’t do right now because of my focus on swimming, but as soon as I retire (which isn’t soon!), I look forward to getting back on the slopes.”

    Patients who were watching from their rooms had a wide variety of questions, too. In answering those questions, Missy shared that her favorite character from the movie Shrek is Puss and Boots, of course she has seen Frozen, her favorite gummy bear is yellow, she has never made a disappearing cake (but the cakes she makes disappear pretty quickly!), she saw a magic show at a friend’s birthday party years ago, and she has never seen a shooting star but she will have a really great wish ready for when she sees her first shooting star.

    By request, Missy continued to share some of her favorites…food: mac and cheese, movie: Sound of Music, sport to play besides swimming: volleyball, sport to watch: football, music: country, especially Taylor Swift; although Missy explained people would likely be surprised to know that she has classical music on her iPod that she listens to when she is studying.

    As has become tradition at BBOY45, Missy willingly played a favorite studio game, Backwards Forwards, attempting the phrases, “Missy Franklin” and “Olympic Gold Medal.” The sounds of these phrases backwards—and her attempts to replicate them—brought laughs and smiles to the studio and of course to Missy herself. Missy finished off her visit in the studio by signing autographs, taking pictures, sharing her gold medal, and even snuggling with three-month-old patient, Matthew. Thanks to Missy for her smile and all the smiles she brought to Children’s Hospital Colorado!

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    NCAA Champion magazine (Winter 2015) - lengthy article, so images only :)


    Missy Franklin - 14 Jan 2015

    I'm extremely honored to be on the cover of the NCAA Champion magazine this month. I am so beyond grateful for the two years I've had as a collegiate athlete, especially at the best university in the world! #gobears #finishingstrong



    Teammate. Friend. Collegiate competitor. Before she goes pro, Missy Franklin wants to seize every opportunity.

    Missy Franklin felt comfortable in the water from the time her mother, DA (above, with Missy), enrolled the two of them in a swim class when her only daughter was 6 months old.
    Photograph: Missy Franklin at age 7 with her mom, D.A. / Courtesy USA Swimming & the Franklin family

    By the time Missy entered her teen years, DA and her husband, Dick (middle), were being told their daughter had special talent.

    Success came early for Franklin, but she never lost her childlike side. She is seen goofing off at a meet.

    Showing off her Team USA jacket while still sporting her high school T-shirt.

    Posing with her team after winning the state championship.

    Signing her first autograph, and posing with her team after winning the state championship.

    Franklin describes the relationships she has developed with her teammates as the most valuable benefit of her time at California. “I really believe that this group of women is giving her a gift that is going to be more and more special as time goes on,” says Golden Bears coach Teri McKeever.


    Missy Franklin explains what college means to her

    Published on Jan 14, 2015

    After her success in the 2012 Summer Games, Missy Franklin decided to hold off on a career as a professional swimmer in order to first experience life as a college swimmer.

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    Missy Franklin discusses why she chose California (video)


    Missy Franklin discusses why she chose California

    Published on Jan 14, 2015

    Despite her success in the Olympics and World Championships, Franklin sees team successes as equally important.

    From the Champion magazine feature "Able to stay golden".


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    Aurora Sentinel article on Missy + some videos


    KEEPING THE PROMISE: Staying Motivated In The Fast Lane — Motivation Tips From Swimming Legend Missy Franklin

    By now, Missy Franklin’s story is bordering on legendary.

    As a toddler, she snorkeled away from parents DA and Dick into the ocean off a Hawaiian island to chase a fish that caught her eye.

    Missy Franklin, a graduate of Regis Jesuit High school, a sophomore at the University of California-Berkeley and four Olympic gold medal winner, finds motivation in everything. "I get motivation internally just from the sheer want to do my best and see what I'm capable of, whereas externally my motivation comes from my family making so many sacrifices, my teammates working so hard and pushing me every day, and my coaches' unfailing belief in me."

    “My entire team out at Cal in Berkeley motivates me every day,” Franklin said. “There’s not a single practice that passes without almost every girl on the team yelling “GO BEARS” or “Come on Bears, We can do this!” My teammates in front of and behind me in my lane will constantly be encouraging me, or giving me tips to help me improve on something. It’s the positivity and belief that, as a team, we have in each other and in ourselves.”

    Missy’s Tips

    • Do something that you think is fun. If it’s fun it’s not going to seem like work at all.

    • Set goals for yourself. Maybe start with easier goals and work your way up, but reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself is one of the best feelings in the world, and will definitely motivate you to keep working towards new ones.

    • Be tough on yourself when you need to be, but also make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If you’re really struggling with getting out of bed in the morning, make that extra push to get out and have a great workout, but make sure after it’s over you step back and think about how awesome it was. Take some time to praise yourself and congratulate yourself on a great workout, or even just getting out of bed and trying.

    • Surround yourself with people who will support you in reaching your goals. Whether they will be physically working out with you or just there for moral support, some of the best motivation in the world comes from our dearest friends and family telling us that they believe in us, and that they know we can do it to. You can’t do it on your own


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Tall Girl

    Published on 18 Apr 2014

    Has anyone said something negative about you that has stuck with you for years? Find out what a boy in elementary school said about Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, and what helped her change her mind about what it meant to her.


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Support and Get Help

    What are the two key categories of help a target of any kind of bullying needs from friends? Advice from Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Be Friendly

    What easy things can you do to help new or isolated kids? And how can it end up helping you too? Ideas from Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Gossip

    Rumors. How can you stop it when your friends bring them up? Ideas from Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin..


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Meet New People

    What great things can happen when you step outside your clique or social group? Thoughts from Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.


    Bystander Revolution: Missy Franklin | Bigfoot

    She got singled out and teased about her body. Find out what Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin realized in middle school that made it easier.

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    Cal Women's Swimming & Diving - 6 Feb

    Being challenged in the classroom and in the pool played a key role in Missy Franklin's decision to attend Cal. With the Pac-12 and NCAA Championships on the horizon, she talks about her campus experience in a new video produced by UC Berkeley Public Affairs.

    Missy Franklin: Berkeley's Olympian Swimmer


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    Missy headlining in Rio 2016 promo video!


    NBC Olympics - Rio 2016 promo video

    (featuring Missy, Alex Morgan)

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    Missy & Teri's Press Conferences & article from the Mercury

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    Cal Bears - Feb 17, 2015

    Cal Women's Swimming: Missy Franklin Press Conference (2.17.15)

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Sounds like a realistic possibility that Missy may be training somewhere else. If she's talking about taking 20 years to get her degree, she's probably not going to be taking any classes even if she's still training in Berkeley. I'm sure some coaches will try to use it negatively in recruiting, but Natalie has trained with Durden for a few years and it hasn't hurt Teri's recruiting at all. Will be interesting to see how involved Teri will be in helping to select representation for Missy. May also be a little awkward in trying to give Missy feedback on various coaches/training groups since it's a bit of a conflict of interest.


    Missy Franklin: No decision on where to train for 2016 Olympics

    Olympic swimming gold medalist Missy Franklin gestures during a media conference Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, in Berkeley, Calif. Missy Franklin is downright giddy about her two seasons swimming collegiately for California, even if it meant the delay of big-money endorsement deals that will come in a matter of months as she turns pro and gears up for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Franklin will soon wrap up her sophomore season in Berkeley with the Pac-12 meet and NCAAs, then quickly turn her attention toward training for this summer?s world championships in Russia and another Olympics after she captured four gold medals in her Olympic debut at the 2012 London Games when just 17. (AP Photo/Ben Margot) (Ben Margot/AP)

    BERKELEY -- Olympic swim star Missy Franklin left open the possibility Tuesday that she might leave Berkeley after turning pro this year.

    Franklin, 19, made it clear she has not decided where she will train for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. She plans to meet with Cal coach Teri McKeever to discuss her future after the NCAA championships March 19-21 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    "I've got my next week and half planned out," Franklin said. "What will happen after NCAAs. ...there's really no rush. There's no plan."

    When entering college, Franklin said she planned to train in Berkeley through the 2016 Olympics while earning a degree. She was expected to join the Bears' postgraduate swimmers after her sophomore season.

    Franklin has not ruled out staying at Cal, but McKeever said Tuesday she will "encourage her to do whatever gives her the greatest confidence."

    It's not surprising Franklin will weigh her options before preparing for the 2015 World Championships this summer in Kazan, Russia. She turned down millions of dollars in sponsorships in order to compete collegiately.

    Franklin is expected to lead the U.S. team headed to the Rio Games with big endorsement deals and all the trappings of fame she has been able to sidestep at Cal.

    "For the most part she gets to be just Missy," said McKeever, the 2012 Olympic coach. "That's probably the greatest gift all of us have been able to give her."

    McKeever expects the swimmer's life to get more complicated.

    "Now your performance is tied to a monetary value," the coach said. "The hard part of it is when you have a contract and you don't perform you get money taken away. There's an emotional and mental adjustment. It is really smart for her to make that change now before she gets to Rio."

    For now, Franklin is holding on to her final weeks as a college swimmer like a childhood bracelet.

    She will lead the top-ranked Golden Bears into the Pac-12 championships Feb. 25-28 at Federal Way, Washington. Then Cal will try to win its fourth NCAA title in seven years.

    "I would make the decision to go to college 100 times over," Franklin said. "When I first got here I wasn't ready for swimming be my job just yet."

    Franklin was a high school senior when winning four gold medals at the London Games. A year later, she enrolled at Cal shortly after setting a women's record with six gold medals at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona.

    "Having everything come so much earlier was a little life-rattling," Franklin said of her Olympic success at 17. "Life isn't fun if it's not throwing you off your feet. So much of that has helped shape me who I am right now."

    The 6-foot-1 swimmer from Centennial, Colorado, left no doubt how much she has enjoyed college life, getting a little misty eyed at the thought of it ending soon.

    "Teri teaches us to accept every single part of ourselves," Franklin said of some of the invaluable lessons. "Not try to hide our weaknesses and things we don't like about ourselves."

    Franklin said she has created lifetime memories with the Bears, including dressing up for the team's final hip-hop dance class Monday.

    "We were trying to look so much cooler than we actually are," she said.

    With that, Franklin trudged off to her anthropology class. Academics has not been shuffled to the side just yet.

    "I don't care if it takes me 20 years," Franklin said. "I will get my degree from Cal."


    Missy Franklin to leave Cal swim team to focus on Olympics

    Missy Franklin passed up several big-money endorsement deals after the 2012 London Olympics to go to Cal.

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    More articles (great insights from Teri's press conf too!)


    Missy Franklin Nears Collegiate Farewell, Has No Regrets

    Missy Franklin talks to the media on Tuesday (credit: CBS)


    Missy Franklin enjoys life as a college swimmer at Cal


    Missy Franklin Approaches Cal Collegiate Farewell With A Spring In Her Step

    CAL sorority: Missy Franklin flanked by Rachel Bootsma and Elizabeth Pelton - by Peter Bick(credit: CBS)


    Bear Insider Video: Missy Franklin

    Missy Franklin at final Cal press conference


    Quote Originally Posted by tedbear View Post
    Such a tremendous representative of the University!!!! #bearforlife

    I find Teri's video very pertinent also.
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    Missy named to Jaycees' "Ten Outstanding Young Americans Class of 2015"


    Missy Franklin Honored by United States Junior Chamber

    Past winners of the award include Bill Clinton (1979), John F. Kennedy (1946), Gale Sayers (1969) and Elvis Presley (1970).


    Sports Stars of Tomorrow: Missy Franklin - Regis Jesuit - High School Highlights/Interview


    Tobit Raphael - 18 Sep 2012
    You asked for swag? Doing The Spongebob dance with @dylanobrien & @franklinmissy #TheInternship

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    Missy turns pro (videos)


    NBC Today - Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin: I’m turning pro



    ESPN - Missy Franklin turns professional



    9 NEWS Denver: EXTENSIVE interview with Missy Franklin


    Missy Franklin Picks Agent To Kick Off Professional Swimming Career


    On Her First Day Turned Pro, Missy Franklin Goes Global With WME-IMG Marketing


    Missy Franklin officially turns pro, signs on with sports agent

    * WARNING *:

    Trolls already wading in on the comments section in the above Swimswam article, gratuitously condemning Missy for the move. Just makes my blood boil reading these really nasty/hateful/hurtful snippy remarks:

    "So…. No flack for Missy abanding her TEAM. Team, team and more team….but it is OK if she skips out now….because….well why is it OK? It is OK because she will now make millions."

    "She feigns surprise and humility with the best of them. Don’t kid yourself that she doesn’t have a welcrafted public persona. That is a complement. She fakes it well – that is better than Marshawn Lynching it."

    "Hurt nobody but her CAL team mates chances of winning NCAA’s the next two years….and still has no degree…. and her timing is perfect to make a selfish personal decision that benefits her over team…"

    "The two years of college swimming were, I’ll just come out and say it, a selfish thing on her part to do something she wanted to do. I’m not blaming her for being selfish, in this case everyone should be, but it is selfish."

    For perspective, it's basically just one coward posting anonymously on the internet who's spewing all the negativity (you'll easily spot who he/she is by the # of downvotes received by those comments). I know, shouldn't take it seriously. But still, just making me really and wanna ...


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    Kinda curious where Missy ends up training. Despite all her accomplishments, she's still not a technically polished swimmers. Still needs work on her starts and turns. She might be able to get more individual attention and benefit from training at altitude in Colorado, but she won't have any competition in practice.

    Do think she'll struggle a little bit staying at Cal and not being part of the team and competiting for the Bears. Think ultimately she ends up staying with Teri. May not graduate as scheduled, but she will finish her degree.

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    Coach Teri and the Cal program has/will have the two most influential Woman Swimmers (in the world) for the 1st quarter of the 21st century in Natalie and now Missy.

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    Missy & Nathan (video)


    Olympic Swimmers Take a Stand for Safe Water

    Join Olympic swimmers, Missy Franklin and Nathan Adrian, in supporting USAID’s efforts to provide access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation to millions of people living in the developing world.

    Learn more at:


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    Missy Franklin turns pro, starts plotting course to 2016 Olympics

    NEW YORK — In the last 36 hours, Missy Franklin swam her final college race, signed her first professional contract and gripped a coffee cup as Jon Hamm and “Mad Men” stars floated near her at the TODAY Show.

    “It still feels like a dream,” Franklin, 19 and a five-time 2012 Olympic medalist, said at her TODAY appearance on Monday.

    Franklin could be forgiven for still feeling groggy, though she didn’t look it. She said she got one hour of sleep in North Carolina on Saturday night, after winning her third NCAA individual title in as many days and helping the California Bears to their first women’s team title since 2012.

    The team rented out an Italian restaurant Saturday night, she got back to her hotel close to midnight and crashed. Not for long. She flew to New York with her parents on Sunday morning and signed with an agent — Mark Ervin of WME-IMG, whose athlete group includes Lindsey Vonn but no other swimmers.

    Franklin, a noted scrapbooker who liked to write journal entries every day at the NCAA Championships, has unfinished business from her college career.

    She hasn’t found the time to pen her journal entry from the final day of the NCAA Championships. She hopes to on another flight, to her native Colorado, on Monday night. As luck would have it, this is California’s spring break week.

    Franklin, a sophomore, will finish the semester living and training at Berkeley and then plans to scale back classes in the fall and next spring in anticipation of the Rio Olympics. But not give up school altogether.

    “If all I had to do was swimming, I think I’d go a little crazy,” she said.

    The classes may be online, as Franklin hasn’t decided where she will train and which coach she will train under. She could stay at Cal. Franklin’s longtime coach in Colorado, Todd Schmitz, attended NCAAs in Greensboro.

    Her college coach, Teri McKeever, will definitely continue to be part of her life.

    “She’s going to be such a key part in helping me with this transition,” Franklin said. “She’s done it with so many athletes before. She knows better than I do the struggles I’m going to face the next couple weeks and months.”

    The struggles will likely include choosing which swim apparel company to sign with, among other endorsements, and figuring out her meet schedule before the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, in August. She has nothing set yet.

    The recent stretch has been a whirlwind. Franklin reflected by looking through her scrapbook binder entries from last year’s Pac-12 and NCAA Championships, which included coach’s quotes and cards that teammates made for her.

    Franklin also researched her future, looking at how Olympic teammates Natalie Coughlin, Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian and Rebecca Soni managed pro careers. She spoke for an hour with Soni, the retired breaststroke champion.

    Franklin joked that her mom, DA, may have the toughest transition. She’s been Franklin’s manager, taking on more and more as her daughter made her first national team at 15, won four Olympic gold medals at 17 and became the first woman to win six gold medals at a single World Championships at 18. Now, mom will be weened off that role, Franklin joked.

    Then it’s not surprising what Franklin said when asked what her first professional splurge would be.

    “Taking my parents out to dinner,” she said.

    Franklin felt her NCAA Championships performance, breaking personal bests in three events, was a bit of validation following a trying 2014, when back spasms slowed her at the biggest meet of the year, the Pan Pacific Championships.

    Franklin earned one bronze medal in four individual events at Pan Pacs, plus three relay medals, while clearly not 100 percent. She’s worked with physical therapist Kristy Illg at Berkeley this season, so focused on goals that she told Illg four months ago that she wanted to swim the 200-yard freestyle in 1 minute, 39 seconds.

    “We’re going to get there,” Illg told her.

    They did. Franklin smashed her American record Friday night.

    Franklin will continue to focus on the same four individual events — the 100m and 200m backstroke and freestyles — which could set her up for seven total events (including three relays) at the 2016 Olympics. That would be the same slate as in 2012.

    Franklin has said a goal is to become the most decorated female swimmer of all time. In an Olympic sense, that would mean capturing at least 13 career medals to pass Coughlin, Dara Torres and Jenny Thompson‘s shared record. That means continuing on to Tokyo 2020.

    In the short term, she was given the week off from swimming by McKeever. She’s not sure she’ll heed it.

    “I can’t spend this long out of the water,” Franklin said, laughing, “otherwise I’ll go insane.”


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