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Thread: Women's Swim Recruiting: Class of 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedbear View Post
    Hahaha! Jaylen = Abbey, Ivan = Kathleen, Tyson = Katie, Amy = Caleb? Dream Team Basketball or Swimming
    Hey Dream Team BBall may get so much more public attention around here, but I'm personally even more excited for Dream Team Swimming!

    Though with some of these rumours swirling around about Katie McLaughlin's deferment (apparently from a source v. close to her), reckon we'll have to wait to see if tedbear's dream class will be split into 2 halves...

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Did Dan Dakich claim Claire Adams was a done deal for Purdue? Heard he also claimed Simone Manuel was turning pro...

    On a slightly more sobering note though, one of Amy's best friends from Carmel, Alex Clark, did commit to I guess Claire being close to Amy doesn't necessarily close the deal w/Teri...


    7 Tips for Swim Parents About College Recruiting

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    Definitely stoked about the promise of Cuonzo's dream class, but people don't seem to realize that Teri's consistently recruited at that level beginning with the current graduating seniors. Pretty remarkable.

    Seliskar's brother swims for Purdue, but IU and Notre Dame (Murphy's brother) are better in-state swim options. Think the latter two plus Georgia are potential players for Adams.

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    Potential players for Claire

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Seliskar's brother swims for Purdue, but IU and Notre Dame (Murphy's brother) are better in-state swim options. Think the latter two plus Georgia are potential players for Adams.
    Despite being a diminished threat on paper for this forthcoming season due to some key graduations and UGA's notably subpar recruiting for the incoming class of 2015, Bulldawgs are such a powerhouse swim programme that they are expected to rebound with a vengeance for the 2016 recruiting cycle, with loads of scholly funds at their disposal.

    Having already secured a really early verbal from one of the top 2016 recruits, Veronica Burchill (Claire's teammate from Carmel), Georgia snagging Claire wouldn't do Bears any favours as that potent combo would just reinforce UGA's sprint & middle distance freestyle top-end depth, as well as enabling some serious firepower in the back & fly areas.

    Claire & Veronica

    Shouldn't discount the Fighting Irish or the Hoosiers either as BD had pointed out... Ray Looze in particular has had great success recruiting top talent such as National Teamer Lilly King (breast/IM) recently, and has impressive credentials including positions as the Women's Head Coach at both last winter's Short Course World Championships, and this summer's World University Games...

    Amy & Claire

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    Bears occasionally lose recruits to Georgia (Raab, Mattern, McDermott), but win (Missy, Baker, Amy, Naze, Piehl) more often. Bears only real competition is LSJU. Virginia, Texas, Michigan, UCLA, 'SC, Wisconsin, and the Ivies have part of the puzzle, but none can match the Bay Area duopoly.

    Midwest has some good swimmers, but they can't keep them home. If one of Michigan, IU, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Notre Dame could monopolize Midwest talent, they'd be a national power.

    Drabot will pick Cal or LSJU. Beata Nelson will stay home and swim for UW. Have no idea on Adams, but think Georgia would prefer Small. They already have two elite backstrokers, so they won't take 2 backstrokers in this class no matter how much money they have.

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    Grace Oglesby (fly) -> Louisville Cardinals

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    The following are not multi-event NCAA scorers at this stage of their development, but their specialties may come in useful:

    Lindsey Horejsi - Sprint Breast

    Grace Oglesby - Fly
    Probably not a major blip on Teri's radar, as Bears already has substantial top end depth in the shorter butterfly (Farida, Boots, Noemie, Jasmine) and will add Katie

    More immediate needs in distance, maybe back. As always, an elite sprint breaststroker would be an invaluable asset so that Kathleen can be freed up to help out on the back leg in both medley relays - this might become more critical of a factor in the 2016-2017 season, after we lose Boots & Liz

    btw is it me or are these verbal commits from elite recruits coming in earlier than usual this year??

    Grace Oglesby - 20 May
    I am so excited to announce my commitment to swim at the University of Louisville ! GO CARDS !


    Kentucky State Record-holder Grace Oglesby to stay home, commits to Louisville Cardinals

    Kentucky’s state record-holding butterflyer Grace Oglesby, one of the top recruits in the class of 2016, has made an early verbal commitment to stay in-state and join the Louisville Cardinals in the fall of 2016.

    Oglesby currently holds the second-fastest 100 fly time in high school swimming history after going 51.75 at the Kentucky High School State Championships in February. That’s just .05 off of the national high school record set by Wisconsin high school junior Beata Nelson. Oglesby put up that time swimming for her home high school, North Oldham High out of Goshen, Kentucky.

    On top of that, Oglesby is excellent through all three butterfly distances, and adds big-time talent in a number of other events ranging from backstroke to IM to freestyle.


    The Cardinals blew up this past postseason for a 5th-place finish at the NCAA Championships, and already look like one of the elite teams in their new conference home, the ACC.


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    Don't see this as a huge surprise or loss. Even after losing Bootsma, Bears will still be lopsided in fly in 2017. Don't think Oglesby or Nelson were ever on Teri's radar. Worrell's America's new fly star and Louisville is the local school. Doubt that Wisconsin gets both Drabot and Nelson, but would be surprised if they don't get Nelson.

    Teri had too many backstrokers for several years and she has too many flyers now. Has to backfill in distance. Horejsi is too narrow a specialist when the team needs distance and back. Depending on the 2016 class, Teri probably adds sprint, sprint breast, and maybe a flyer in 2017.

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    USA Swimming Stats - 22 May 2015

    The top 27, 18 & Under, girls that could have the biggest impact on the Women's NCAA Championships next year.


    USA Swimming Stats - 10 June 2015

    It's going to be interesting to track the swims in the 100m Fr. Check out the top 10 16-17 girls. A lot of fast swims

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    Cassy Jernberg -> Tenn Vols

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    on 12-27-2014, 10:48 AM

    We're still only talking about adding 4-5 impact recruits in 2016, so Teri and Kristen know what they're losing: Pelton (back, middle distance, IM, sprints), Bootsma (back, fly, sprints), Acker (sprints, middle distance), Naze (IM, fly, back), and Grima (IM). They need to look at who can replace those points and relay slots while still addressing holes (distance and breast scoring). There's an extremely finite list of recruits who can contribute immediately. The staff needs to see if there's mutual interest from recruits with no prior ties to Cal (Voss, Horejsi, Beata Nelson, Jernberg) and evaluate them against returners in 2016 and recruits with prior connections to Cal.
    Cassy Jernberg To Swim With the University of Tennessee For The 2016-2017 Season

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    Kind of an unusual year for Wisconsin: Drabot and Nelson are both top ten recruits and Jernberg may be a top 20 recruit. Adding all three could have moved the Badgers up big time. Big Ten schools have a tough time keeping elite talent home (Bootsma, Bilquist). Still think Nelson swims for UW, but Drabot goes all Horace Greeley. Distance is still a need, but adding Jernberg became an even longer shot when Abhey deferred since Teri then had only 3 slots for elite talent.

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    Not sure of the mechanics, but kinda looks like Spain may pay for half of Marina's education next year. Conceivably could allow Teri to add another mid to high level recruit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    Not sure of the mechanics, but kinda looks like Spain may pay for half of Marina's education next year. Conceivably could allow Teri to add another mid to high level recruit.

    Interesting. Would be really great if that scenario was to play out as such...though the inner workings & rules surrounding the whole scholly funds allocation scheme still has me more than confused lol, let alone trying to comprehend how that would mesh with a foreign country's funding of a Cal student-athlete.

    Actually I've been also wondering what Spain's selection criteria were for Worlds this year, since Marina will be part of the select Spanish National squad that's going to Kazan (yay! ), yet AFAIK she hadn't competed at the Spanish Open National Championships that was held in Malaga, which I had previously assumed was their selection meet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    Not sure of the mechanics, but kinda looks like Spain may pay for half of Marina's education next year. Conceivably could allow Teri to add another mid to high level recruit.
    ..but if Marina only have a partial scholarship to Cal, which is what I assume she has, perhaps there will be no significant savings. Am I incorrect in my thinking?
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    That's possible. Since internationals aren't eligible for financial aid, most draw near full rides as freshmen. Based on her freshmen year, Marina's scholly money was likely adjusted, but maybe not significantly since Teri had no other viable substitutes for the breast legs on relays. Farida and Noemie have to be drawing significant scholly money too, but they are also probably being partially floated by their national teams during an Olympic year. Think Teri might have some additional funds to land the right transfer or late recruit if one becomes available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Teri would take legacies Alyssa Marsh or Courtney Myykanen, but probably doesn't have room for both in the next recruiting class. Was an article today about someone from Eva Greene's/Abi Speers' club team who will swim for Duke. Thought to be a contender for the breast legs on relays at Duke. Maija's parents are Duke faculty and her sister's a med student, but Maija turned down both childhood favorite Duke and Harvard for Cal. Maija would have been the best breaststroker at both schools.
    Duke Women Land Another Huge 2016 Commit, Suzanne Dolan from Machine Aquatics

    Suzanne Dolan is the second 2016 commit to Duke before the open contact period has even begun.

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    Ethan Hall, Natalie's husband, named head coach at Crow Canyon. Didn't realize he was the rec coach there, so an upgrade might help steer more recruits to Cal. Bears missed out on recent Crow Canyon swimmer Madison White (UCLA).

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