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Thread: Women's Swim Recruiting: Class of 2016

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    SwimSwam puts out an annual list of our top 20 NCAA recruits in the high school senior class, and this year, our top 20 from the HS girls’ class of 2016, who are now freshmen at their respective colleges, have all lived up to the hype.

    Looking back, one of the key factors that goes into our rankings is relative depth in the NCAA— where a recruit will fit into the current national landscape. While all of the girls in our top 20 were expected to have a good shot at NCAA qualification, freshman year can be tumultuous, and it is not uncommon to see some high school stars falter in their first season in college. Nevertheless, our top 20 of ’16, based on our own Andrew Mering’s predictions, have all qualified for the 2017 NCAA Championships.

    Here’s a list of each of the top 20 of ’16, with their highest-ranked event nationally this year. Remember, the line should go to 39 for most events, and extend to 40 for a few. Considering the lowest rank is a 35-seed, it’s pretty safe to say that all 20 will be invited.

    1. Meghan Small (TENNESSEE) – 200 IM (4th)
    2. Beata Nelson (WISCONSIN) – 200 back (18th)
    3. Becca Mann (USC) – 1650 free (8th)
    4. Stanzi Moseley (USC) – 200 free (12th)
    5. Claire Adams (TEXAS) – 200 back (8th)
    6. Katie Drabot (STANFORD) – 500 free (6th)
    7. Veronica Burchill (GEORGIA) – 100 fly (16th)
    8. Allie Szekely (STANFORD) – 400 IM (4th)
    9. Grace Oglesby (LOUISVILLE) – 200 fly (16th)
    10. Lindsey Horejsi (MINNESOTA) – 100 breast (7th)
    11. Erin Voss (STANFORD) – 200 back (26th)
    12. Savanna Faulconer (FLORIDA) – 400 IM (17th)
    13. Keaton Blovad (CAL) – 100 back (28th)
    14. Megan Byrnes (STANFORD) – 1650 free (5th)
    15. Kirsten Jacobsen (ARIZONA) – 1650 free (35th)
    16. Ali Galyer (KENTUCKY) – 200 back (16th)
    17. Tatum Wade (USC) – 200 free (19th)
    18. Lauren Case (TEXAS) – 200 fly (10th)
    19. Asia Seidt (KENTUCKY) – 200 back (5th)
    20. Kennedy Lohman (ARIZONA) – 100 breast (19th)


    Note: Underlined names = known to have made an official recruiting trip to Cal


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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post


    Recall the frenzy over Stanzi's prep times and thought she'd be a sure fire college star with upside. Ideal freestyle range (50 to 200) and a minimum three relay swimmer. Thought her upside would be improved coaching, facilities, and training partners relative to Bakersfield.

    Was surprised at Stanzi's lackluster frosh year, so a transfer isn't stunning. Two things did jump out from her 'SC bio: she's only 5'5" (very short for a sprinter) and her club was listed as Canyon (Coley Stickles). Did receive some good sprint coaching from Coley. Surprising she would go to Tennessee rather than follow Coley to IU. Crocodile tears for 'SC, the one true Great Satan of the PAC (from 8 to 12).

    Note to UAC: your home girl Freya has some impressive times for a 16 year old and bears watching, but LCM/SCY conversion and international scholly adder may put her on the back burner unless she really improves her 50 and 200 times.

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    Madds! (& Chenoa)

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Bears were never going to overtake the 'furdettes in the 2016 class, but there's more than a little upside (Maddie, Chenoa) in the class than previously thought.

    Maddie appears to be underrated-solid flyer, but fast enough to swim a 200 Free relay leg.
    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    Well recent pool results for our incoming freshies have been very encouraging indeed, brings to mind the conversations I've had with several prominent, if I may take the liberty of liberally quoting some of their astute observations here
    "Coach Teri, once again, showing she knows what she is doing. "

    "Robin, Darcel, and Ali is a sneaky good under the radar class. Teri knows talent and upside: Farida, Maddie, Bing."
    As pointed out in the above quoted posts, sometimes these recruit rankings don't really mean all that much! One can be in the "Top 10" blah blah ... yet may not make that much of an impact on NCAA scoring, especially in one's freshman year.

    Conversely someone relatively "unranked" like Maddie may fly under the radar initially (though Salo did try to recruit Murphy - but our legacy chose wisely ) ... then go on to make quite a statement in their Nattys debut!

    Consider again the points contributed by SwimSwam's "Top 10" recruits from the Class of 2016 at 2017 NCAAs in individual events - all credz btw to tedbear for researching the scoring here in an earlier post:

    # 1. Meghan Small (TENNESSEE) – 18 pts
    # 2. Beata Nelson (WISCONSIN) – 0 pts
    # 3. Becca Mann (USC) – 2 pts
    # 4. Stanzi Moseley (USC, now -> TENN) - 0 pts
    # 5. Claire Adams (TEXAS) – 20 pts
    # 6. Katie Drabot (STANFORD) – 3 pts
    # 7. Veronica Burchill (GEORGIA) – 4 pts
    # 8. Allie Szekely (STANFORD) – 6 pts
    # 9. Grace Oglesby (LOUISVILLE) – 2 pts
    #10. Lindsey Horejsi (MINNESOTA) – 23 pts
    #11. Erin Voss (STANFORD) – 0 pts

    OTOH, CS' #55 ranked (unranked by SS) Maddie Murphy contributed 20 individual points for Bears last March as a freshman, i.e. more points than any of SS' "Top 10" except for one (this shared with #5 stud Claire)!

    Here's how Madds had accomplished this brill feat...I have included the scoring breakdown, along with Maddie's pre-Cal PBs compared to her 2017 NCAA times, in order to showcase her degree of improvement under Teri in just 1 season:

    • 50 Free - 22.49 HS PB => 21.76 @ NCAAs = 6th in the 'A' Final - 13 pts

    • 100 Fly - 52.15 HS PB => 51.15 @ NCAAs = runner-up in the 'B' Final - 7 pts (that time would have placed 7th in the 'A' final!)

    • 100 Free - 48.6 HS PB => 48.22 @ NCAAs = 19th @ Prelims - 0 pts

    Helped delivered an additional 40 pts by swimming both the prelims + finals of the 200 Free Relay, which Cal won with a new NCAA record ... not to mention leading off our 400 Free Relay in prelims to put Bears in the A final!

    A worthwhile observation is that Maddie was able to save & deliver her very best performances where & when it counted the most - @ NCAA finals!


    Not to be overlooked is Chenoa's development after just 1 year @ Cal:

    USA Swimming: The top 10 18& Under swimmers in the 1500 Free. The best of the long sprint so far this year. A great list to be on.

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