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Thread: Women's Swim Recruiting: Class of 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    Ethan Hall, Natalie's husband, named head coach at Crow Canyon. Didn't realize he was the rec coach there, so an upgrade might help steer more recruits to Cal. Bears missed out on recent Crow Canyon swimmer Madison White (UCLA).
    I don't think we recruited he; her sister went to Cal and swam. Also Ucla is offering full rides to to recruits we might offer less than half. If we offered we probably wanted her to take .25scholarship while others went full

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    Follow-up Swimswam write-up on Ethan

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    Ethan Hall, Natalie's husband, named head coach at Crow Canyon. Didn't realize he was the rec coach there, so an upgrade might help steer more recruits to Cal. Bears missed out on recent Crow Canyon swimmer Madison White (UCLA).
    Back to the Sharks: A Q&A with Ethan Hall, Crow Canyon coach and husband to Natalie Coughlin

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    Interesting tidbit about Natalie's competitiveness. Teri had to alter some of the traditional training games during Natalie's era because she was too vicious toward her own teammates during games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Interesting tidbit about Natalie's competitiveness. Teri had to alter some of the traditional training games during Natalie's era because she was too vicious toward her own teammates during games.
    Ha, I recall seeing this competitive side of Natalie even outside the pool, when she had competed in that entertaining "Sports Stars" episode of Chopped on the Food Network back in 2013, falling to Danica Patrick in the final dessert round!

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    Notes from the Santa Clara Grand Prix for our 2016 recruits.

    200 Free - Katie Drabot 7th, ahead of Simone Manuel 8th! Becca Mann 13th.

    50 Back - Erin Voss 18th

    400 IM - Becca Mann 4th, Katie Drabot 12th, Sierra Schimdt 15th (2017), Madison Homovich 16th (2017), Erin Voss 24th

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    Drabot looking more and more like Teri's top priority-extremely versatile and can help Bears in areas of need: middle distance and IM. Potential 2017 800 relay: Cierra, Baker, Katie M, Drabot. Would allow Abbey to swim 200, 400, and anchor both medleys. Bilquist also in the mix. Jenna Cambell has some upside.

    Longshot (ASU, Georgia, Florida, Michigan. UVa more likely), but Mann would help in 400 IM, middle distance, and distance. Has some unexpected speed in the 200 free so could swim an 800 free relay leg.

    Voss has some intriguing versatility (back, IM, distance), but there may be higher potential recruits ahead of her in Cal's pecking order.

    Chenoa Devine (Davis, same club as Matt Whittle) looks to be moving up in the "local"/value play category. Solid times in the 1500 and 400 IM. Distance and 400 IM are both big areas of need.

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    Thanks tedbear & BearDevil for your as usual informative notes & perceptive analysis!

    Am in complete agreement with your past observations that it'd be more than a bit of a surprise if Katie Drabot doesn't end up as a baby ... or <gasp> being recruited by Greg over at the farm.

    Becca would be a really fab scoop for us and help develop the pipeline to NBAC (after Cierra) - but not realistically expecting Cal to be the frontrunners for this much sought-after super recruit.

    Had always really liked Erin as a candidate, though her impressive skills in the 200 back and the mile are hobbled (no) thanks to the NCAA schedule on Day 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    NCSA Juniors are scheduled in Orlando next week (March 17-21) - data points may be limited as the format there is SCY @ prelims, but LCM @ finals, I believe.

    Looks like several 2016 & 2017 recruits whom we've discussed in the past will be competing, including Katie Drabot, Stanzi Moseley, Megan Byrnes, Cassidy Bayer, Isabella Rongione, Paige Madden, Lauren Case, Chenoa Devine, Skylar Fore.
    Lauren Case is another 2016 prospect who's racing pretty well at this meet so far:

    100 Fly - 6th (A final)
    200 Free - 17th (B final, ahead of Jenna C)

    She is also a B standard qualifier for NCAAs in the 500 free, and faster in that event than any current Cal swimmer who's not named Cierra Runge. However, Lauren's particular skill set may not be a perfect match for the highest priority items on Teri's shopping list, and reckon anyway that Bauerle will easily have first dibs on Georgia's #1 ranked recruit for 2016, especially now that the lady Bulldawgs' war chests are overflowing after their frankly dismal recruiting record from 2015.

    Lauren Case - 20 June
    200 fly, 50 fly, 400 free triple on my birthday... Pray for me


    UPDATE: Lauren has just placed 2nd in the 200 fly (behind Katinka Hosszu) PRELIMS just now...

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    Day 2 Notes.
    Emily Overholt would have been an interesting recruit. She was second in both the 200 Fly and the 400 Free today, and yesterday she finished second in the 400 IM and ninth in the 200 Free. Too bad she decided to stay home in Canada and swim for UBC. She is deferring though, so maybe Teri can get her to talk with fellow Vancouverite Noemie about her Cal experiences.

    Also, along the same lines, UAC favorite, Siobhan Haughey swam well and finished 12th in the 50 Free. I'm sure UAC will have something to say about this, but in retrospect it kind of sucks that we didn't recruit her harder, now that we know Abbey is deferring. Can you imagine a relay squad of Abbey, Farida, Amy, and Siobhan? Hahaha! Siobhan is scheduled to swim the 200 IM and 100 Free tomorrow.

    Speaking of great international recruits, thank god Farida is one international that is on our team. She is still ripping it up with a first in the 50 Fly and fifth in the 50 Free.

    Good to see Liz swimming well with a second place finish in the 100 Back. That Katina Hosszu is unreal! Missy had a poor start and finished third. I wonder why Boots scratched from the final?

    Katie Drabot didn't do as well as i thought she would in the 400 Free. She didn't come close to a personal best and finished 14th. 200 IM and 100 Free for Katie tomorrow.

    Erin Voss continues to impress with a sixth place finish in the 100 Back. If she comes, I would forget about the 1650 Free, and just let her do the 500 Free, 100 Back, and 200 Back NCAA schedule. It would have been interesting to see her go head to head against Claire Adams, who I think is still think might be a slightly better backstroker. Heck, I say we take both if we have enough scholly room.

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    My gut feeling is that Teri really focused on the core four plus Eastin and that would have been a squeeze financially (even with 3 Californians). Don't think that Teri has completely soured on internationals, but it's not a priority either. No financial aid for non-US citizens, LCM/SCY conversion issues, and language/academic/cultural issues. The "Berkeley" brand plays well internationally, but think Teri will be more selective about internationals in the future.

    Not terribly worried about backstroke. Teri's track record with backstrokers is unsurpassed. With Baker and Bilquist, Bears only need another backstroker if Teri can't find a breaststroker to replace Baker on medleys. No Cal ties, but Megan Small would be ideal since she's an IM beast/backstroker. Adams has Cal and Georgia ties. Georgia probably gets one of those, but not both since they already have two elite backstrokers. LSJU also needs another backstroker, but Emily Eastin is likely their first pick. Alyssa Marsh might be a possibility for LSJU, but they won't take Eastin and Marsh. Bears likely end up with one of Adams/Small/Voss and one of Marsh/Courtney Mykkanen.

    Don't think there's a 2016 breaststroker with Cal ties who's a better option than the back options (who almost all have a third event). Teri probably is targeting Abbey's club teammate Nikol Popov, in 2017 for her next breast recruit.

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    Good stuff, as usual. Thanks to you, Tedbear, and UAC for all of your interesting postings during this slow time of the year!

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    Yup Teri & Kirsten don't have the luxury that we armchair recruiters enjoy of picking a gazillion promising HS prospects with no regards as to scholly funding limitations, or mutual fit with the swim team personnel & programme, classroom & school culture, etc.

    Seems that Teri has a very specific plan & well-defined focus on a select few who are likely to be great matches by the above set of criteria, and doesn't have the time nor the resources to approach all these dozens of other talents that we keep speculating & dreaming about in our idle discussions here lol. For the incoming class of 2015, that would be the "core 4" or "Dream Team 2015", not to forget versatile IM stud Ella Eastin who eventually went with that other school across the bay Plus of course someone local & "low risk" who has an upside and will mesh well with her future teammates, such as Jenna Campbell.

    Interestingly enough, Lilly King, the top breast recruit in her class (PB of 59.67 in the 100y br back then), was never approached by Cal. Instead, Kirsten Vose (PB of 1:01.99 at the time) was the target for Bears, perhaps partly for funding reasons, being in-state and all that. The promise that Teri probably saw in Kirsten wasn't misplaced though, as the SoCal recruit has since dropped her time to 1:00.57. Unfortunately for us, Ms Vose elected to swim for Dave Salo instead, joining local breaststroke studette Riley Scott.

    Would assume that one of my faves Siobhan Haughey wasn't sought after or recruited by Teri either for the reasons as outlined by BD above. Otherwise, purely out of selfish school pride I suppose haha, I would find it hard to swallow that the HK starlet would choose to be a baby wolverine over a baby

    btw Ms Haughey has just qualified for the A finals of both the 200 IM & 100 Free tonight, well done there! Update: seems Siobhan has dropped out of the 100 Free to concentrate on the 200 IM. This effectively promotes Missy to the A final of the 100 Free, so thanks a million Siobhan - always knew you had the makings of a loyal Bear deep at heart!

    Oh, and I'd be very happy too if Teri is indeed targeting Nikol, saw her considerable promise a while back...
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    Do think Teri was some bare minimums swimming wise-wants every swimmer to score at PAC-12s and at least have a B cut in the NCAAs. The limit for NCAAs is 18, so ultimately she'd like to get to 17 swim scorers and 2 scoring divers (count 0.5 for NCAA headcount). She's already won four NCAA titles without that. Think the cap for PAC-12s is 24 swimmers, so don't think she wants to leave anyone home.

    Dual meets have up to 3 medley relays, so Teri has to carry 3 breaststrokers every season. It's so specialized that they often don't have a third individual event. Minimal payback for carrying more than two sub-minute breaststrokers for teams with NCAA title aspirations. Teri made Baker her number one priority, so not too surprising about King. Teri might have taken Riley Scott at the right scholly offer, but not ahead of any of the Dream Team + Eastin.

    Rachel Acker's probably the biggest bang for buck recruit on the team: local, individual NCAA scorer, NCAA champion relay, 3.9 GPA. If she weren't going to med school, she'd have a decent shot at a Rhodes scholarship. No way she enrolled at Cal anywhere near a full ride.

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    U$C looks to have nabbed it's 2nd major recruit

    Tatum Wade of Tenn was rated #6 by swimswam primarily swimming the 200-500 free. She joins Moseley the other major early signers. She was someone not mentioned at all guessing because we have too many 200 free swimmers. Coach Salo seems to be successfully bagging them early.

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    'SC's moving up. Stanzi, Apostalon, and Wade all would have helped the Bears. 'SC doesn't have enough to be a threat in 2016, but still can do damage. Better Wade to 'SC than Georgia. LSJU and Georgia are the immediate threats so diffusing talent away from them is OK.

    Teri definitely wants to win as much as possible, but duals and PAC-12s aren't the ultimate goal. Sadly she's almost entirely judged on NCAA titles now.

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    AZ gets breaststroke recruit from Kentucky

    She was rated #43 by College Swimming. Below are her best times. Doesn't look too bad with still some upside to go.

    50y breast 28.37 3/12/2013
    100y breast 1:00.51 12/12/2013
    200y breast 2:10.87 12/12/2013
    200y IM 2:02.48 12/4/2014
    100m breast 1:09.35 5/17/2013
    200m breast 2:34.84 8/5/2013

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