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Thread: Women's Swim Recruiting: Class of 2016

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    Good get for 'Zona, but based on current times, Bears would have only offered her if she were a legacy or in-state and she'd only get a partial ride (- 0.25). Same high school as Mary T Meagher and incoming LSJU frosh Leah Stevens. Teri's not going to spend significant scholly $s for someone who doesn't project as an immediate NCAA scorer.

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    Kennedy Lohman -> UofA

    Have to concur w/BD on Kennedy - see our previous conversation below from March 2015.

    Great swimmer & asset for the Wildcats without a doubt (and for most other Div I teams), but probably wouldn't be too interested in coming here on just a partial scholly...

    With all these early verbals for 2016 including one of the top studs in the class Stanzi to U$C, interesting that no (early) commitments to Bears as yet.

    Guess Teri will have most of her prime targets gather on campus during a major recruiting trip once the fall semester starts - in the vein of what happened last year with Abbey, Kathleen, Katie, Amy, Ella & Kirsten visiting Berkeley the weekend of 6 Sept 2014 for the home game opener vs. Sac State.

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    Doesn't look like Kennedy Lohman can help the Bears. Baker's already below 1:00 without a relay start. 1:01 mid isn't a scorer at NCAAs, so she couldn't free up Baker to swim the 100 back.
    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    The only American breaststrokers in the 2016 class who strike me as immediate impact contributors would be Lindsey Horejsi, and Kennedy Lohman.

    Lindsey is the class of the entire field when it comes to sprints in that stroke, as she's already a sub-minute 100 breast swimmer!

    Though a minute slower than Lindsey in the 100, Kennedy's not exactly a slouch there, would represent an upgrade over Marina/Celina/Maija's times at that distance. Her competitive range does extend somewhat to the 200 distance unlike Lindsey, but that time is still a second-and-a-half from qualifying for the B final @ 2014 NCAAs. One thing to note is that Kennedy's PBs were achieved a while ago, Dec 2013, so there's always the concern that these young women may have already peaked...

    If we miss out on a sprint breaststroker for 2016, domestically & internationally, guess we can always shoot for a studly prospect from the 2017 class, such as Nikol Popov who hails from Abbey's swim club - she currently has a 1:00.67 in the 100 BR (12/14)...


    100 Breast
    _.59.37 Kathleen (3/14)
    _.59.56 Lindsey (11/14)
    1:00.51 Kennedy (12/13)
    1:00.67 Nikol Popov (12/14) {Class of 2017}
    1:01.26 Marina (12/14)
    1:01.34 Allie (12/14)
    1:01.45 Maija (12/13)
    1:02.63 Katie D (3/14)
    1:03.80 Celina (10/13)

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    Hmmm only remaining sprint breaststroker in the 2016 class who could make an immediate impact for Bears would be Lindsey Horejsi then.

    Challenge there is I'm not aware of any prior ties or connections between Lindsey and Cal, other than her coming from the same state as Boots. Pretty sure she'll be a prime target for the other big programs as well, some of whom who has had a more successful record of recruiting breaststroke studs than Teri has historically...

    Not the ideal setup for everyone concerned, but may have to fall back on Kathleen for an additional season, all the while hoping that Marina will bloom to her full potential in her senior year, or Maija developing far enough to be a contributor at NCAAs. Perhaps scour the international field for an elite breaststroker, or wait patiently for the 2017 crop...

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    Wouldn't worry about early verbals. Conceivable that LSJU gets some early verbals next week, but as long they aren't Drabot, Adams, Small, or Voss it doesn't really matter. Would expect Cal's first verbal to be a local who can help with recruiting and attend every official and unofficial visit. Both schools battle it out until October. Teri has a huge closure rate on first official visit weekend (Core four, Cierra, Mau, Missy, KV, Li).

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    July 1st is coming fast. Coaches will be allowed to contact student athletes, and soon after offers will be made. I had some time, so I thought I would do some time analysis of some of the top recruits. All of the times are from college, so any inaccuracies can be blamed on them. Hahaha! Most of the times were from the past season.

    Katie Drabot (KD)
    Meghan Small (MS)
    Erin Voss (EV)
    Stanzi Moseley (MS)
    Clarie Adams (CA)
    Beata Nelson (BN)
    Becca Mann (BM)

    50 Free
    1. SM 22.11
    2. BN 22.56
    3. KD 22.75
    4. MS 23.17
    5. CA 23.24

    100 Free
    1. SM 48.14
    2. KD 48.96
    3. BN 49.02
    4. CA 50.40
    5. EV 51.66

    200 Free
    1. SM 1:44.55
    2. CA 1:45.09
    3. KD 1:45.22
    4. MS 1:45.48
    5. EV 1:47.87

    It looks like Stanzi is by far the best sprinter in the class, but I don't feel she has the upside potential of current dream teamers, Abbey and Amy. She might be the number one ranked recruit when Swimswam comes out with their ranking in the next couple of weeks.

    100 Back
    1. BN 51.67
    2. CA 51.99
    3. MS 52.19
    4. EV 53.37

    200 Back
    1. MS 1:51.74
    2. CA 1:51.87
    3. EV 1:51.95
    4. BN 1:55.74

    The backstroke times are really close together, especially in the 200. I still give Camille the slight edge as the best overall backstroker, but training in college could make all the difference in how each of these girls performs in the next four years. That is Coach Teri's big recruiting advantage. Come to Backstroke U!

    Another note, Beata Nelson does really well in all the sprint strokes, but anything over 100 yards and she falls off dramatically. I wonder if she will ever make Team USA in long course.

    200 IM
    1. MS 1:54.25
    2. BN 1:57.88
    3. KD 1:57.97
    4. BM 2:00.28
    5. EV 2:01.45
    6. CA 2:01.69

    400 IM
    1. MS 4:03.96
    2. BM 4:05.52
    3. KD 4:09.43
    4. EV 4:13.60

    Meghan Small is the best IMer by a large margin. I know there isn't any present Cal connection, but I wonder if Teri reaches out to her. Katie Drabot shows her versatility by being a solid IMer along with a good sprinter.

    I didn't do Fly, Breast, or long distances, but maybe someone else can tackle that.

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    Hey tedbear - really nice job on doing all the grunt work compiling the stats for some of the top 2016 recruits!

    Not to mention your comprehensive analysis of their comparative performance potential across events

    I think that even before we consider the breast events, Allie Szekely should also be in the conversation, i.e.

    100 Back
    1. BN 51.67
    2. CA 51.99
    3. MS 52.19
    4. EV 53.37
    4. AS 53.37

    200 Back
    1. MS 1:51.74
    2. CA 1:51.87
    3. EV 1:51.95
    4. AS 1:53.36
    5. BN 1:55.74 (she also did a 1:55.68 back in Nov 2014 I believe?)

    200 IM
    1. MS 1:54.25
    2. AS 1:57.68
    3. BN 1:57.88
    4. KD 1:57.97
    5. BM 2:00.28
    6. EV 2:01.45
    7. CA 2:01.69

    Quote Originally Posted by tedbear View Post
    It looks like Stanzi is by far the best sprinter in the class, but I don't feel she has the upside potential of current dream teamers, Abbey and Amy. She might be the number one ranked recruit when Swimswam comes out with their ranking in the next couple of weeks.
    Have to think Stanzi would be rated in the Top 3 at the very least, especially since the NCAA Championship format favours freestyle sprinters scoring wise. Veronica Burchill (Georgia commit)'s no slouch either in the sprints (50 Free - 22.29, (100 Free - 48.48) & fly. CA has also gone as fast as 48.10 anchoring Carmel HS' 400 Free Relay in prelims (so add 0.5 seconds or more to that flying start time), not too bad. Will be interesting to see where KD, CA & co. ends up in the Swimswam rankings - which without a doubt will look quite different from collegeswimming's version!

    With regards to your comment above, take a look at these finals results from the 2015 SMOC meet this evening:

    100 Free (top 3)
    54.42 - Abbey Weitzeil
    55.05 - Katie McLaughlin
    55.30 - Stanzi Moseley

    Abbey came very close to her lifetime best of 54.38 from 2014 Nationals, which is massively encouraging since she wouldn't be fully rested or tapered here, compared to last year's trials. The ever versatile Katie did achieve a new PB in solidly beating Stanzi to the finish, not too shabby in an event that's not her primary focus. Yes this was all in long course, which does tend to play to KM's strengths, but still...
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    Great work and comments, tedbear and UAC. Don't think Stanzi will flip, but do think think the above 6 + AS will be the focus of high $ scholly offers. Need to replace Pelton, Boots, Acker, and Naze. Abbey's already on board, so 7 recruits chasing 3 open slots. Another local will take Grima's spot and probably room for a legacy (Marsh or Mykkanen).

    Personal preference would be Drabot, Adams, Mann, Marsh, and Chenoa Devine. Don't think Mann comes. Small would also be awesome. UAC has worn me down on Nelson-great swimmer and Badgers are hosed if they lose both Nelson and Drabot.

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    Most honoured that the illustrious BD's starting to buy somewhat into one of my recruiting recommendations (BN) . Surprisingly a bit of a reversal of roles actually here, as I'm usually the one to heed his perceptive assessments & knowledge in this area lol

    I am personally liking Erika Brown quite a lot as well (SwimMac teammate & friends with Kathleen & Alyssa), would add depth to the likes of KD & CA if they join the family. No longer a local so might cost Teri more $ (or conversely would be offered a partial instead of a full ride), but could fit in a similar role to Cat Ladd & Jenna Campbell, and has quite considerable upside IMO.

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    Different events, but Erika's times are in the same ballpark as Kennedy Lohman as far as NCAA/PAC-12 scoring. She'll be able to get more scholly $s from programs like Texas, 'Zona, 'SC, and UCLA than she would at Cal. Most legacies and locals turn down more money to swim at Cal.

    Have to look at Nelson's overall portfolio, but Bears don't need another flyer (Farida, KM, Noemie, Mau). She's a must get for UW, so they'll have no choice but to offer a full ride. Bears, not so much because they'll have 3 NCAA fly scorers for at least two more seasons + Farida.

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    July 1


    Open Contact Season Begins for High School Seniors on July 1

    Beginning Wednesday, July 1st, NCAA Division I college coaches are thrown into a scramble. As they try to juggle their summer campers, today is the first day where coaches are allowed to contact prospective swimmers entering their senior year in high school over the phone, electronically, or face-to-face without (much) limit.

    Read more about July 1 from Rick Paine, here:

    This year’s open contact period has a very different feel than in the past for the sport of swimming, due to a huge number of early commits who have already made their college decisions before taking official visits.

    There’s always a handful of swimmers who make their choices before the formality of the recruiting process, and that’s especially true in pre-Olympic years where swimmers want to be focused on the Olympic Trials rather than on recruiting trips.

    But this year, even in that context, is at best an outlier, if not a paradigm-shifter.

    For a true superstar swimmer like class of ’15 senior Katie Ledecky to commit to a top-5 program like Stanford early is one message. She would have had plenty of interaction with the Stanford swimmers and coaches at national level meets previously.

    But when non-traditional national powers like Akron start getting commits in June, or when a very good, but not Ledecky-level, commit like Kennedy Lohman makes a decision to move across the country from Kentucky to Arizona before she’s even allowed to take an official visit there, the pressure suddenly ramps up. When a

    Don’t expect the trend to end, at least this year, either. There are many coaches who are notorious for pressuring athletes into early commitments with “48 hour” scholarship offers, and now with the support of two dozen or so pre-July 1 commits, they’ll have even more ammunition with which to pencil their programs on the transcripts of the top senior swimmers in the country.

    Along with a trend of earlier-and-earlier verbal commitments, there’s the potential for more-and-more re-commitments. This is a phenomenon that has only recently begun to bite swimming harder, but is rather commonplace in major sports like football and basketball (where, admittedly, there’s much more on the line). Until National Letters of Intent are signed (which opens on November 11th this year for swimmers), the commitments are non-binding.

    With the expectations of earlier-and-earlier commitments, athletes, coaches, and fans will have to get used to the expectation of more swimmers changing their minds. This doesn’t mean we should start to expect to see them in droves, but our prediction is that there will be more in the coming three months than we’re used to seeing.

    Grab your popcorn and get ready to ride the wave. SwimSwam’s official recruiting coverage coordinator Anne Lepesant is ready, and it’s time for the dog-and-pony show to begin.


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    Swimswam's Top 20 for 2016 class

    Going out so won't have time to digest Swimswam's usually spot on rankings/ratings until I get back - well, happy reading & deliberating/debating the merits or not of their Top 20 list!


    Top 20 swimming recruits in the girls high school class of 2016

    Top 10 Swimmers from the Class of 2016

    (All best times are in short course yards.)

    1. Meghan Small – York YMCA – Lineboro, MD
    Best times: 200 IM – 1:54.25, 400 IM – 4:03.96, 100 back – 52.19, 200 back – 1:51.74, 200 free – 1:45.48

    Meghan Small was the star of YMCA Nationals this past season, and it would be no large surprise to see her become the star of college nationals in the near future. Small should come in the door with shots at NCAA titles in both IM races, and she’s also an accomplished backstroker. On top of that, her 200 free is fast enough to make her a relay threat on at least the 800 free relay. Versatility, a couple standout events, great endurance and relay capabilities – what more can you look for in a top-tier recruit?

    2. Elizabeth (Beata) Nelson – Madison Aquatic Club – Madison, WI
    Best times: 100 fly – 51.08, 100 back – 51.67, 200 back – 1:55.68, 200 IM – 1:57.88, 100 free – 49.02, 50 free – 22.51

    Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson is a machine underwater, which makes her a dangerous NCAA swimmer from the get-go. Nelson is the national public high school record-holder in the 100 fly and could easily turn out to be one of the top few butterflyers in the nation as a freshman. Her backstroke is nothing to scoff at, either, and she’s got enough speed in the sprint freestyles to be a free relay factor as well as a potential game-changer on the medleys.

    3. Becca Mann – North Baltimore Aquatic Club – Homer Glen, IL
    Best times: 1650 free – 15:45.33, 500 free – 4:34.77, 400 IM – 4:05.52, 200 free – 1:47.73, 200 IM – 1:58.46

    Mann’s status here gets hurt slightly by her distance swimmer status, but she’s the rare distance swimmer who can still procure a top-3 ranking despite not being much of a relay threat. Mann’s lifetime-best would have been second at last year’s NCAAs in the 1650, and she’ll instantly be one of the top distance swimmers in the college ranks. A killer 400 IM only adds value, and the hope will be that her 200 free can improve enough to make a relay splash in the 800.

    4. Constanze (Stanzi) Moseley – Roadrunner Aquatics – Bakersfield, CA **Verbally committed to USC**
    Best times: 200 free – 1:44.55, 100 free – 48.14, 50 free – 22.11

    The California-based Junior National champ is a dream relay piece. Fast from the 50 to the 200, Moseley could turn out to be a plug-and-play relay swimmer in any of the 5 relay events – or all of them – from her freshman season onwards. Her 200 free is most impressive, leading a class that includes some top-tier 200 freestylers.

    5. Claire Adams – Carmel Swim Club – Carmel, IN
    Best times: 100 back – 51.99, 200 back – 1:51.87, 50 free – 22.97, 100 free – 49.19, 200 free – 1:45.09

    Part of a dominant group at the Carmel Swim Club, Adams is a multi-event star. She’s got outstanding backstroke times that will put her in the thick of a brutal NCAA stroke discipline, and she’s also got legitimate potential as a developmental relay swimmer – maybe more than that in the 200 free, where she’s among the best in her recruiting class.

    6. Katie Drabot – Ozaukee Aquatics – Mequon, WI
    Best times: 200 free – 1:45.22, 100 free – 48.96, 500 free – 4:43.09, 50 free – 22.75, 200 IM – 1:57.97, 400 IM – 4:09.43

    It seems a bit odd putting U.S. Short Course World Champs team member Katie Drabot all the way at #6, but this is a very tough class, particularly in the freestyle events where Drabot excels. Still, she’s a rangy talent who will give coaches lineup versatility and relay options. An underrated part of Drabot’s skill-set is her IM prowess – she could be an NCAA point-scorer in either IM her freshman season, depending on what events she winds up swimming in college.

    7. Veronica Burchill – Carmel Swim Club – Carmel, IN **Verbally committed to Georgia**
    Best times: 50 free – 22.29, 100 free – 48.48, 100 fly – 52.26

    Another stud from the Carmel Swim Club. Burchill is more of a pure sprinter than her teammate Adams, but that could work in her favor as a relay swimmer. Burchill is knocking on the door of a 21-second 50 free, and is also just outside of NCAA scoring range in the 100 fly.

    8. Allie Szekely – Central Bucks Swim Team – Doylestown, PA
    Best times: 400 IM – 4:06.33, 200 IM – 1:57.68, 200 back – 1:53.36, 100 back – 53.37, 200 breast – 2:10.22, 100 breast – 1:01.34

    Pennsylvania’s Allie Szekely has had a very unique development. A high-profile young breaststroker, Szekely has really broken out in backstroke lately, to the point where it’s those events that might attract the brunt of college recruiters. Still, it’s her 400 IM that would have scored at last year’s NCAAs. Szekely is a Swiss Army knife of a swimmer that should give one college coach a wealth of lineup options.

    9. Grace Oglesby – Cardinal Aquatics – Louisville, KY **Verbally committed to Louisville**
    Best times: 100 fly – 51.75, 200 fly – 1:56.32

    Oglesby doesn’t have the event versatility of some of the names above her, but what she does, she does well. Very well. Swimming out of Louisville, Kentucky, Oglesby is one of the nation’s best high school butterflyers over both distances, and could be a huge medley relay option down the road. She’s already committed to her hometown team, the Louisville Cardinals, and will follow in the footsteps of American record-holder Kelsi Worrell.

    10. Lindsey Horejsi – Mantas Swim Team – Faribault, MN
    Best times: 100 breast – 59.56, 200 breast – 2:11.05, 200 IM – 1:59.77

    The only breaststroker to make our list, Minnesota’s Lindsey Horejsi is already under a minute in the 100 – an NCAA scoring time in 2015 – and is close to NCAA points in the 200. She’s got some potential in the 200 IM that could be developed as well. Breaststroke can often be a hole that sinks an otherwise-sound medley relay, and Horejsi is a head above the rest of her class, which should intrigue any team with a breaststroke hole heading into 2016-2017.

    Honorable Mention (#11-20)

    11. Erin Voss – Greater Holyoke YMCA – Northampton, MA
    Best times: 200 back – 1:51.95, 100 back – 53.37

    12. Savanna Faulconer – Y-Spartaquatics – Simpsonville, SC **Verbally committed to Florida**
    Best times: 400 IM – 4:08.59, 200 breast – 2:10.79, 100 breast – 1:02.00

    13. Keaton Blovad – Tualatin Hills Swim Club – Lake Oswego, OR
    Best times: 100 back – 53.51, 50 back – 24.93, 200 IM – 1:58.71, 100 free – 49.01, 50 free – 22.75, 200 free – 1:46.65, 100 breast – 1:01.02, 200 back – 1:57.38

    14. Megan Byrnes – Nation’s Capital Swim Club – Fairfax, VA
    Best times: 1650 free – 16:01.83, 500 free – 4:43.43, 200 free – 1:48.61

    15. Kirsten Jacobsen – Barrington Swim Club – Barrington, IL
    Best times: 1650 free – 16:06.66, 500 free – 4:42.31, 200 free – 1:46.98, 100 free – 49.66

    16. Ali Galyer – Y-Spartaquatics – Greer, SC **Verbally committed to Kentucky**
    Best times: 200 back – 1:53.76, 100 back – 53.66, 200 free – 1:48.01

    17. Tatum Wade – Nashville Aquatic Club – Nashville, TN **Verbally committed to USC**
    Best times: 200 free – 1:45.59, 200 breast – 2:12.73, 200 fly – 1:58.34, 200 IM – 1:57.53

    18. Lauren Case – Chattahoochee Gold – Woodstock, GA
    Best times: 100 fly – 52.81, 200 fly – 1:56.31, 200 free – 1:45.96

    19. Asia Seidt – Lakeside Swim Team – Peewee Valley, KY
    Best times: 100 back – 53.06, 200 back – 1:55.14, 200 IM – 1:58.53, 200 fly – 1:57.11

    20. Kennedy Lohman – Lakeside Swim Team – Prospect, KY **Verbally committed to Arizona**
    Best times: 100 breast – 1:00.51, 200 breast – 2:10.87


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    The top ten have all been widely discussed on the board already, as have half of the second ten. Blovad and Jacobsen could help the Bears.

    Still think Stanzi should be ranked number one. Georgia's very well positioned, but there's too much duplication for them to run the table on Small, Adams, and AS. Abbey's still better (and specifically more valuable to Cal based on need) than anyone in the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    The top ten have all been widely discussed on the board already, as have half of the second ten. Blovad and Jacobsen could help the Bears.

    Still think Stanzi should be ranked number one. Georgia's very well positioned, but there's too much duplication for them to run the table on Small, Adams, and AS. Abbey's still better (and specifically more valuable to Cal based on need) than anyone in the class.
    Megan Small = Ella Eastin

    Any of the Dream Team 2015 recruits would be number one in this class. I wouldn't trade anyone on the Dream Team for anyone on this list. If swimswam is really emphasizing relay value, then both Mosely and Drabot should be much higher. I agree with BD that Moseley should be number one. Still want Adams, Drabot, Voss/or Byrnes, and Marsh.

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    Like their rankings, but SwimSwam always greatly overvalues breaststrokers (based on scarcity) and slightly overvalues IMers. Teri rightfully recruits around relays. If a recruit is fast enough to contribute on a Cal relay, they're an NCAA scorer in at least a couple of individual events.

    Pretty clear now why Baker was Teri's number one target. Extremely fast breaststroker who can swim multiple Cal relays and a potential scorer in multiple individual events. Speaking of breaststrokers, saw an ESPN thing on Kansas basketball and the KU basketball practice facility is the Horejsi Center. Almost certainly named for LH's grandfather.

    Voss has more value to Cal as a distance swimmer than a backstroker. Byrnes and Jacobsen are interchangeable. Pick Byrnes just because NCAP is a premier club team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    2.5-Abbey, Drabot, and Marsh?

    I'm stuck at 3+: Abbey, Drabot, Adams, and Marsh. Would like Mann, but she's not coming. Byrnes or Voss for distance and Devine as a local. Marsh gets around 0.35 and Devine gets around 0.25.
    Quote Originally Posted by tedbear View Post
    Oh, I still consider Abbey as part of Dream Team 2015, even though she won't be here until next year. My two and a half are Drabot (Amy and Kathleen), Adams (Amy), and Marsh (Kathleen and Maija), so same as you BD. And yes, both Byrnes and Voss are my almost there candidates.
    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Still a long shot, but think Beata Nelson might still be in the mix. No room for her in the same class with KM, but maybe if Bears don't get Drabot or Adams. Seemed really strange that Wisconsin just added an asst last week. Thought they'd be fully staffed in a year when Wisconsin has two top five recruits. UVa men went goose egg last year on similar in state talent levels and is also a program with some issues. Durden was perfectly happy to pick up Seliskar and Teri would be fine with Drabot and/or Beata.
    Oh shoot I'm really a complete klutz when it comes to predictions and such. Really wish I could read Teri's mind lol - or at least have a better picture of all the conflicting factors she has to juggle and prioritise when it comes to her recruiting targets!

    tedbear & BD, your shortlists make perfect sense and I just can't argue over any of your on point selections that are based upon a sensible balance of what the team needs the most, over who/what's available, within the confines of the predicted schollies in play.

    Yeah I know, Becca & Meghan aren't likely heading out to Berkeley anytime soon, but I haven't given up all hope yet on either as have always liked Ms. Mann (with Erin being my next preference for distance)...reckon Ms. Small will be quite a terror in the little pool whom I'd prefer to keep away from our main rivals' grubby clutches haha.

    The core two remains KD & Claire naturally, both of whom I have been talking up on this forum for quite some time now hehe. Beata also would be a really strong asset if we don't get both or either of the "Big Two", certainly she can do some damage to our championship scoring chances if she falls in the "wrong hands"!

    Still stubbornly holding on to a bit of a soft spot for Allie (potential bridge to NCAP wouldn't exactly hurt either), and for Erika in the next tier down even if she's no longer local and thus less likely to be in play here. Would of course always welcome the wonderful Alyssa as our legacy recruit.

    Oh dear, as you can see, can't really make up my mind and already wanting much more than practicality demands, esp now that Abbey will be taking one of the full scholly slots in 2016! Perhaps we have been a wee too spoilt by the embarrassing riches of Dream Team 2015?

    Heck any of the remaining Top 20 on SwimSwam's 2016 list can/will be of help to Bears next season, if truth be told...perhaps I should just leave all the recruiting in Teri's capable hands, and (im)patiently wait for some forthcoming pleasant surprises...

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    Slight correction-Allie Szekeley doesn't swim for NCAP. She's reportedly a very good student and her brother swims at West Pont. Megan Byrnes does swim for NCAP and was also a high school teammate of LSJU's Janrt Hu.

    It's all for fun and everyone makes educated guesses. Teri knows what her team needs, who fits, and who has upside.

    Is kinda interesting to look back at 2015 targets, how it actually turned out, and project to 2016. Far less mystery now about Eastin, Riley Scott, and Sioban, Teri got all her priority recruits. Apostalon might have been a better transfer, but it wasn't ever a mutual fit and Hull had already been a prior target. Hard to emphasize enough how solid Teri's recruiting is because there are very few recruits each year that can contribute immediately, fit the culture, and thrive academically.

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