Right Guard Chris Adcock


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By Nam Le, Contributing Writer
Posted Sep 12, 2012
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Right Guard Chris Adcock
Through two weeks, the California offensive line has struggled. The unit has been inconsistent at best - pass protecting well at some points, struggling to open running lanes at others. On Wednesday, right guard Chris Adcock gave his assessment of the O-line's play, and was optimistic that play would improve.

"I'd say we're getting there," Adcock said. "We're not playing perfect – that's always the goal – so we have high expectations."

"I don't know if you ever get [to perfect], but we're trying to get as close as we can every week."

One potential explanation for the team's struggles up front could be their new no-huddle pace, a change from last season's slower, more methodical tempo, but Adcock feels that they have adjusted to that now. "It was tough at first, from the conditioning aspect," he said, "but we've really gotten into it, and we like the way it's working so far."

Twice now, the Bears have come out slowly in the first quarter, a trend that could doom them against better opponents than Southern Utah or Nevada. Adcock said that the mood in the locker room around their starts was not big concern.

"We just gotta do our thing – we can't be affected by what other teams are doing. If we get our stuff right, it shouldn't be an issue."

The penalties, like the slow starts, are just a matter of remaining focused, he added.

The Bears are set to play #12 ranked Ohio State this weekend. Looking to that huge matchup, Adcock said that the team is, "Ready to go, do our thing, play our best, and go get the win."

There has been no talk of the team being underdogs this week, Adcock said. "We know that if we do our thing, we can play with anybody."

On a more personal view of the matchup, Adcock said, "I'm looking forward to it. I've seen it on the schedule since I've gotten here. My family's got some Ohio State fans, so I'm just looking forward to it. They've been kind of talking it up for a while."

Even though the environment and crowd noise at "the Horseshoe" might be a factor on Saturday, he believed that the team was ready to handle it. "We've known it all season," Adcock said, "so we've been working it, really turned up the preparation with our drills this week.

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