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By Luc Bequette, Bear Insider Contributor/Future Bear
Posted Feb 9, 2015
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Defensive tackle Luq Bequette signs with Cal
Little Rock Catholic High School (Little Rock, Arkansas) defensive tackle Luc Bequette's piece is our second in a series of Bear Blogs from the Cal Class of 2015, helping fans get to know the future Bears that will arrive on campus in four months for summer bridge.
My full birth name is Christopher Jules Bequette II, but I go by Luc. I go to Little Rock Catholic High School, an all-boys school (don't feel bad for me, though; we have our sister all-girls school, too) with a lot of tradition.

I am an only child so I guess that I am kind of the alpha and the omega in the family, lol, but on my dad's side of my family, my grandpa, uncle, dad, and cousin all played football at Arkansas. My cousin Jake plays with the New England Patriots currently. My mom was a World champion and Olympic bronze medalist in figure skating, Debi Thomas.
Baseball was always my favorite sport growing up. I also played basketball up until high school, when I started wrestling. I also did track (debating on if I should do it this year while playing baseball).

I've always played sports year-round. I can't remember ever not being in a sport season at any point in the year, just one on to the other. I realized that football would be my sport probably late winter or spring of 8th grade year. I actually didn't want to play, but it grew on me as it started getting closer.

Making the playoffs and playing against some very talented teams are some of my best memories in sports growing up.
Some of my biggest challenges as an athlete are early mornings/late nights working out around sports practices and games. People saying that I'm not good enough definitely feuls me, too. 

I have generally liked most math classes. WWII is my favorite subject to study because the teacher is awesome. Coach Knight is hilarious and is a Southern Alabama guy. We have a blast in that class. I would like to study business at Cal. 

It was pretty exciting to sign the NLI. I've always seen people do it on tv and it feels cool that I'm officially in that "Club" of being a major D1 football player. I signed at home with my dad and then just went to school for a ceremony by myself. 

Some of the things I'm looking forward to at Cal are all the great food you can eat and awesome weather. I used to live in Fountain Valley around Huntington Beach in SoCal, so I've always loved California. One of my friends who will probably get accepted to Stanford and Coach Knight and I always talk about California. Coach Knight loves it there, too, so we always talk about it.

I haven't really gotten to know that many recruits yet. Ross Bowers and Depriest Turner were on OVs with me, but we have had a little group text going with most of the guys. I can't wait to meet everyone in person. I think we've started bonding some but I think we'll continue to get closer when we arrive at Cal. I think we have a lot of hard workers who are ready to get after it in this class. 

Here's what Cal head coach Sonny Dykes had to say about Bequette, who also played offensive line in high school:
"Luc's a guy who committed to us shortly after coming to camp. He's been primarily an offensive lineman.
"He's one of those guys that got a little hot at the end in recruiting.
"He's a really good student. We like his strength and plays with good leverage, as a wrestler often does.
"We think he's going to be a good one. At 17 years old, he's just going to continue to get better. You can see how good of an athlete he is."
To view Bequette's highlight's, click here
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