Coach comments before UCLA game


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By Chris Avery, Publisher
Posted Oct 5, 2012
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Cal football coaches met with the media on Thursday morning, the last such event before Cal takes on UCLA in a home gamne on Saturday evening. This article documents their comments.


Paraphrased coach comments have been added here before each video. 

Cal head coach Jeff Tedford

The team confidence is good. The practices have been sharp, focusing on details, the work ethic has been good. But it's been tough to work so hard in games and not come away with a win - a win goes a long way to building team confidence.

Sebastian will play at safety, Scarlett's is OK to play. Keenan Allen has recovered from his (maybe) flu bug, but lots of others are struggling with that too. We just have to practice through that.

UCLA's defensive line is aggressive, and their senior cornerbacks are aggresive, long, and good at putting pressure on wide receivers. The whole secondary is a veteran group.

Offensive Coordinator and O-Line coach Jim Michalczik

UCLA has a solid pass rush. We have to continue to focus on fundamentals while looking at things we can scheme to help ourselves.

Brendan Bigelow will see the ball this week - we have three playmakers at running back who are playmakers. Bigelow's one dimension is speed - he's young, learning, but can hit a crease quickly.

It will be a challenge for our yound receivers to deal with the pressure the experienced UCLA cornerbacks will put on them.

We miss Dom Galas in the offensive line - the bulldog tha he is - but he's getting there. Zach has had a goiod week, getting good zip on the ball.

Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast

The UCLA offense has changed a lot since last year, they're a bit more like ASU now - using a lot of bodies ot stay fresh - they have the top offense in the conference now.

Avery Sebastian has played bery well. He's been diligent on Special Teams, he has studied and learned the defense, and has show he can before bothy in practice and in games.

We will have to do a better job of tackling on the perimiters, UCLA gets outside a lot.

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