Practice Report Day 10


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By David Bush, Staff Writer
Posted Aug 10, 2017
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Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter -Photo by Norman Mo
The Bears did not put on pads Thursday, instead backing off and concentrating on the more cerebral aspects of the game in their tenth day of fall camp.
"We have had nine physical practices and we are trying to simulate a game week. We will do things similar to this," defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter said Thursday afternoon. "We'll have walk-throughs, we'll have mental checks. It's a really good day just to recover physically and still gain something. We had two walk-throughs, one this morning and another one this afternoon."

The concept of "simulating a game week" is a new wrinkle the Cal coaching staff is implementing this year. Rather than just go all-out every day as most teams do during training camp, the Bears have been orchestrating their practices much the same as they will in the season. They are doing the heavy work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, backing off on Thursday, fine tuning on Friday and going full blast on Saturday, game day. 

Also the three Saturday practices will simulate the different kickoff times. On Aug. 5, the Bears practiced at night, Saturday they will start in at 9:30 a.m. PDT -- same as the season opener kicks off in North Carolina-- and Aug. 19 they go at 1:30 just like a daytime kickoff. 

"I really liked their focus," DeRuyter said "The guys have been competing. It's a fun part of camp. We're starting to get in that early grind phase, the second and third week. The guys don't see the light of day of the game, but the guys are still powering through and that's what's encouraging."

DeRuyter was asked specifically about several positions and players and had some interesting observations. The most intriguing was when he was asked about senior cornerback Darius Allensworth, generally regarded as the leader of the secondary. 

DeRuyter said Allensworth was doing fine, but might not see the field as often as likes. 

"He's doing well," DeRuyter said. "He's a veteran, he understands what to do and how to do it. He's being pushed big time by two guys. We've got two freshmen Cam Bynum and Elijah Hicks and they are going to be special players in my opinion, so DA knows if I don't push those guys are going to take my job."

Asked about inside linebacker Gerran Brown a transfer from Washington and sophomore lineman Luc Bequette, who was unable to practice in the spring because of an injury, DeRuyter said both have been "pleasant surprises."

"When he came in we didn't really know much about him," DeRuyter said of Brown, a 6-2, 220-pound sophomore. "But he's a very smart football player, he has put himself in a position to make plays. He's got athleticism, and I see him playing for us a lot this year."

As for Bequette, 6-2, 290, DeRuyter said, "When we saw him in the spring time we knew he was a big body. We watched a little bit of tape on him last year, and I wasn't sure about his athleticism."

But now De Ruyter figures that in some of the defensive formations, "he's really kind of got a niche.... He's kind of a tweener guy, not a true defensive end, not a true nose guard. On our system he's done a nice job."  

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