Sunday: Tedford's comments re Oregon.


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By Nam Le, Contributing Writer
Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Coach Jeff Tedford

After playing the #3 ranked Oregon Ducks tight for 2 quarters, the game quickly got out of hand, going from 24-17 to 59-17 in a little over 18 minutes.

“It gets away from you in a hurry, you know,” Cal coach Jeff Tedford said Sunday.

“They're so explosive; they make such big plays … [Keanon Lowe's return] for 64 yards or whatever, and their run game. They threw for 395 (yards), hit some big plays, a little play action. The quarterback was extremely accurate, and then we missed a couple tackles in the secondary.”

“But still, you gotta kind of try to pick your poison with what you're trying to shut down, and they took advantage of some of the holes in the secondary because of people in run support. Again, you have to give them credit because they executed. Those balls were on the money. Like anything else in that offense, if they get you one on one, they can make you miss.”

“You have to give them credit for it. They do a nice job. “

As far as Oregon's national championship hopes go, Tedford said he thought they had, “a very good chance. They do. They still have some tests, but they're a pretty explosive group.” He however politely sidestepped naming who he would like to see them play.

With surrendering just over 200 yards on the ground, and giving up just one sack Saturday night, Tedford said he felt the team had one of their better games of the year.

“I think for the most part, they did a nice job of blocking at the point of attack. Isi ran really well. Eric Stevens blocked well, Jacob Wark blocked really well. We had some run game going, but it's like anything else – once you get in the mode of trying to come back, you can't live on that all the time.”

“Allan got rid of the ball a couple of times where he got hit as he was throwing it, with a couple balls (that) flutter up in the air … but they did a nice job. They battled. We got three unfortunate penalties. Those were big - we overcame one of them, but the other two we couldn't overcome the field position, there.”

As the Bears close out what has been a disappointing 2012 season, Tedford spoke about how the team would approach the Oregon State game next Saturday.

“This is a very serious week, because it's our last Tuesday, our last Wednesday, and our last Thursday. It's not a time to take anything lightly. It's the last time our seniors will put on this uniform; the last time our team will be together, and we need to have a great week of focus, concentration of preparation to go up there, compete to get a win.”

“That's how we have to look at this – in all phases of what we do. Not just football, but everything that we do, as people, as students. Sometimes when football doesn't go your way, you have some disappointments; you can't let it totally affect everything that goes on in your life.”

“We're going to prepare our hardest, go play our last game, but we're going to continue to remember who we are in all phases of our lives.”

Though it is unclear who the Beavers will put under center next Saturday, Tedford said “their offense really doesn't change depending on which guy's in there. Mannion was playing really well at the beginning of the season, and then got hurt. Vaz came in and really did a nice job as well.”

“It's the offense you have to prepare for. Two excellent wide receivers outside, their offensive line is playing well. Their running game is doing fine, from what I've seen so far. And then they have one of the top defenses in the conference – two or three in every category on defense. They're a very solid all around team.”

For Tedford, Oregon State's season also gives hope that his own team is on the verge of turning things around. “There's absolutely light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “They had two years where they didn't go to a bowl game. Last year, they won 3 games, and they bounced back. Even though this is not the year we look for, that doesn't mean there's no hope in sight.

“It's an unfortunate year so far, but there's a lot of good can come out of it as well. A lot of determination, a lot of work ethic. There's a lot of good young players on this team. Sometimes you learn more from adversity than you do from winning all the time. There's a lot of lessons to be learned this year, and we'll take those lessons and move forward.”

“You can run into stumbling blocks here and there, but Oregon State's a good example of how you can bounce back and turn everything around. It's one season.”

Injury Notes:

Keenan Allen, Matt Summers-Gavin and Zach Maynard remain day to day.

Bryce Treggs' sprained ankle is still an issue, as he can only run in a straight line and still has trouble making cuts.

Additional Note:

Coach Tedford shared a story about how he was once coached by Oregon State's Mike Riley, back in the Canadian Football League.

“I actually played for Mike. First of all, I signed my first contract with his dad, Bud Riley, in Hamilton. And then in my last season, Mike Riley was my head coach. I played there for about four games before retiring and moving on into college. That was my sixth season.”

“He was honest. I was at a point, I was hurt, we had some other guys, and I had an opportunity to go back to school and finish coaching. I went in, sat in with him, and said, “Mike, if you can guarantee me I'll be here the rest of the year, I'll stay, but if not, I've played six years. I think I'm going to go back and finish school and start coaching.'”

“He said, ‘I can't guarantee you that.' He was honest. I appreciated that. ”

“I have a lot of respect for his dad, as well. He was my first pro coach. Appreciated him giving me the opportunity to play. Any time we have functions, be it Pac-12 meetings or whatever, I've always really enjoyed hanging out with Mike. He's a quality person.”

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