BI Video: Barbour Addresses Tedford's Status


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By Jim McGill, Staff Writer
Posted Nov 18, 2012
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Following tonight's highly-disappointing 62-14 drubbing at the hands of Oregon State, Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour addressed persistant questions regarding the status of embattled Cal head coach Jeff Tedford and their meeting scheduled for tomorrow at an unspecified time due to the lateness of tonight's contest.

Not surprisingly, Barbour was not specific as to her plans and if she'd in fact already made a decision regarding Tedford's fate, though with a 3-9 record, thousands of empty seats -particularly in the critical ESP sections of Memorial Stadium- and a steady stream of error-filled play, not to mention an increasingly-loud public outcry regarding the performance of the team and the staff -it's hard to imagine groundwork hasn't been made to either make wholesale changes to the staff or at a minimum, major changes to the way the team is run.

"The season's over now," said Barber. "Jeff and I will sit down tomorrow and start talking about what the answers are, what the solutions are that will put us on the right path." 

To hear Barbour's postgame comments, including her feelings on the recent academic shortcomings of the program, use the embedded viewer below:


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