Football camp: Day Five


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By Nam Le, BI Intern
Posted Aug 9, 2012
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QB Zach Kline
Before speaking with the media on Wednesday, Coach Tedford spent 20 minutes after practice working individually with Kyle Boehm. Find out what they were working on, as well as his thoughts on the team's first practice in pads - in the article that follows.

Tedford was happy with the team's first work in pads, calling it a "good, really good" practice. Tedford said he would have to watch the tape before making any conclusions, but he seemed pleased overall.

While there were no major hits to report, Tedford did single out one tackle in particular by defensive back Tyre Ellison.

"[He] had a nice hit down here on the goal line. [Ellison] filled up in there nice and made a nice tackle."

When asked about the difference between padded practices versus working in shells, Tedford explained that padded practices are crucial, especially for the linemen.

"We're able to go low more. When we just have shells on, we can't block below the waist. A lot of the run game is predicated on reaching and getting people on the ground. It's kind of hard to do when everybody is trying to stay up."

"[Padded practices] make people play a lot lower. Sometimes you can get into bad habits trying to stay on your feet all the time. The key is bending our knees."

Coach Tedford then spent the rest of the session commenting on a variety of topics.

The focus of his post-practice work with Boehm's was on arm placement which has been affecting his accuracy.

"His arm's a little high, and it's causing him to lean his head off. We have to drop his elbow down a little bit."

A constant theme of Tedford's post practice comments has been his praise for sophomore Richard Rodgers. Today was no different.

"Richard Rodgers, in my opinion, is as good as any tight end in the country. I know he's young and he's unproven, but you have a guy who's 270 pounds, runs, catches the ball well, can block. I think he's got a really bright future."

Tedford added later he was most impressed with Rodgers' growth as a blocker, the area where he has made the greatest gains.

On the topic of Dominic Galas' replacement, Tedford said that right guard Geoffrey Gibson has "…a long way to go. He's trying hard. He needs to keep competing and learn how to finish plays." Tedford said it was too early to say whether he or Chris Adcock would end up starting at right guard, and that the team would observe several more padded practices before re-evaluating the question.

Freshman Zach Kline had a highlight reel throw today, hitting Kenny Lawler deep on a post route. Tedford described it as a "…perfect ball, right on strike."

Additional Notes:

There were no injuries of note today.

Tuesdays are the team's only padded practices during the season. Wednesday and Thursday practices are conducted in shells.

The staff would like Darius Powe to move from his current weight of 217 down to 205, which they feel may help his explosiveness and movement.

There is still no set date for the team's move into Memorial Stadium. Tedford guessed the team would be in there full time on August 24th, but added that it is "…a moving target," because the construction crews are still working on the field.

Keni Kaufusi has a knee issue and will be out for the rest of fall camp at minimum.

This week is the last week of summer school, and many of the absences this week – including Moala today - were academic in nature. Moala has also lost about 10 pounds since spring.

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