Ad has to go along with Mark Fox. The AD is defending this narrative that Fox has come up with and is making excuses for not having a clue what to do. Fox plays 80% of his roster out of position and trust to mold them into something there not. He does no player development. And he stays getting older players out the portal because he can't develop talent. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. Fox is the worst coach I have ever seen and this AD is to stupid to see it too. Fire both of them please!! Injuries??? Covid?? Why is covid even mentioned? One starter missed one game. The freshman barely plays and missed two games. Big deal, should be an excuse. All the injuries were know way before the season started and those kids are not coming back this season except the grad transfer who is small, averaged 6 points at a small college and he's supposed to be the reason. Excuses excuses excuses. Fox has not once took ownership in this debacle. Blames everyone but himself. White man world smh!!!