This Taliban comes limping out of the desert when he encounters a small stand. The stand is manned by a small Jewish guy with a sign on the top of the stand that says Ties $5.00.

The Taliban says to the Jewish guy, "Water, Water, I need water."

The little Jewish guy says "I don't have any water but I can sell you a tie."

The Taliban states he has no need for a tie but that he needs water .

The little Jewish guy says, "There is a restaurant about a mile from here if you cross over that hill, and it has water."

The Taliban told him he was going and that he would deal with the little Jewish guy when he got back.

About an hour later, the Taliban struggles back and he is looking worse for the wear.

The little Jewish guy says,"Did you find the restaurant?"

The Taliban says," Yes I did, and it is owned by your brother."

"What did he say," asked the little Jewish guy.

"He said, you need a tie to get in the restaurant," replied the Taliban.