Rod, GREAT breakdown of Daws and of the team overall

When Daws had poor offensive games vs USC and UCLA I thought it was because he was up against two elite shot blockers (UCLA's Bona is a certified shot blocker and USC's center is long and athletic)

But then WSU's center also shut him down. WSU's center is 7 feet and strong but Daws scored 18 pts against him in first game.

As for our team offense, without Daws scoring we become one dimensional real fast, as defenses chase Cone off the line taking him out leaving only Tyson of our three headed monster

It was good to see Brown seizing the moment but your point was smack on

UW is a critical game, but they also have a long rim protector so we'll see if it's Daws' bounce back game. Hopefully we get their foul prone center on the bench and Daws can bring a good game, so our offense starts working again