So Chris Brown.....

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Creeping Incrementalism said:


Lol, in the Big Game with the 3 TDs in a row called back, there was a fumble with both sides piling on. A Cal player emerges from the south side of the pike with the ball and runs to the sideline presenting the ball to the student section. Meanwhile, the ref, on the north side of the pile obviously doesn't see any of that and continues to stand over the pile as players get up before looking down presumably seeing an imaginary ball and emphatically indicating Stanford ball.
I think I remember that one, with the Cal player presenting the football to the crowd and a circle of officials with their backs turned staring at the (football-less) pile. I was so embarrassed for the officials I couldn't bear to look any longer, so I didn't see an official indicating Stanford ball. Did that really happen?
Was at the game. TWO official hand signaled Stanfurd ball while the Cal player running at midfield with the football. Very embarrassing.
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"I had no problem with the call itself, but a statement and a complaint:

1. 9 times out of ten when you see what you could see, it is a touchdown. You can't call it based on what usually happens. You have to see the ball cross the plane. I think if the ref could see it and if we could see it, we would probably see that the ball crossed the plane. But we couldn't see it so the call is down."


I had a problem with the call itself. The officials made NO call until they unpiled everyone. At that point, cameras showed the ball lying on the goal line, which is a TD.

If they had indicated no TD pending the unpile, no problem.

Also, supposedly, the review officials have access to cameras and views that TV does not. My understanding is that those replays are shown in the stadium, so there should have been some review available to the public after the game some time.
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I don't mind the call on the field. I was irritated that FS1 didn't have a reverse camera angle. The camera work that game was terrible if only for the failure to have a reverse angle.
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Another thing: Kudos to Brown for not trying to reach the ball over the goal line. He knew that the FG attempt was in our back pocket and ball security was the most important thing.
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