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Theo. I mean going almost 50% from three one year was amazing.
Theo was above 50% for most of the season, but tailed off at the end. Sportsreference doesn't have him listed among the national leaders in 3pt%, maybe because he didn't take enough attempts, only 115 where the top leaders were over 200 attempts. There were a few years where one or two national leaders in 3pt% were over 50%.

Billy Dreher was our best, shooting 0.500 in 1991 with 112 attempts. He was not listed among the national leaders that year, just like Theo was not listed in 2009. Interesting that Dreher could be our best percentage three-point shooter and also had his name mentioned as a great dunker of the basketball in the current thread on Cal dunkers. Not often that a Cal player had the ability to dunk and the skills to shoot from downtown.

Dreher's rep as a dunker was forged on one dunk. IIRC, early-ish in his Cal career, south basket, in a half-court set, he drove down the center of the lane and tomahawked it left-handed. And a legend was born...
Yes, I thought he was going to be a great player but Lou grinded him down.