Edited to add: [CLAIMED]

2 free tickets to Cal MBB vs. Arizona Wed. Jan. 17th 6pm at Haas to first plausible Cal fan to PM me with their first and last name and their email address.

I actually wanted to go and take my kid but my wife strongly suggested that staying home and helping my kid with his school project and getting him to bed at a reasonable hour is more important. Our brutal struggles this season probably have something to do with why I didn't argue too hard. Who knows though - we actually seem to play decently sometimes when least expected. I'll be watching later on the DVR.

Seats are dead center court (section 2) but up near the top of Haas. For the first Cal fan to PM me - once I transfer, you will receive an email with instructions to log in (or create a logon) to the Cal ticketing site where you can confirm the transfer and have the tickets emailed to you to print. Cheer for Cal. Wear gold.

Go Bears!