A senior couple went to the doctor expressing some concern that they were losing their memory. The doctor told them to just make a list when ever they had to do something.

The couple was watching TV when the husband announced he was going to the kitchen and asked his wife if she wanted anything.

She said she wanted some ice cream. And asked him if he wanted to make a list.

"No, " he said," I can remember that."
She replied in that case if she could have some chocolate syrup on the ice cream.

He replied there was no problem and again she asked if he needed to make a list. And again he stated "No he didn't , he could remember that."

The added a third request for some nuts on top of the chocolate. And again he said there was no problem and he didn't need a lit.

He stayed in the kitchen for about twenty minutes and brought back a plate of eggs and toast.

She stared at the plate for a few minutes.

The she said, "Where's the bacon?"