This man was in a pawn shop in San Francisco when he looked upon the shelf and saw a golden rat.

"Is that a golden rat," replied the man.

"Yes it is replied," the owner.

"How much is it,?" asked the man.

"$10.00," says the owner.

So the man takes the golden rat and starts walking down the streets of San Francisco. Soon, he gazes behind him to discover a rat is following him. This doesn't bother him but after a few more blocks he sees that there are three rats following him.

After several more blocks he turns to see there are 10 rats following him. He hurries down to Fisherman's Wharf where he turns around to see hundreds of rats following him. He runs to the Bay and hurls the golden rat into the Bay and the rats follow it and drown.

He walks back to the pawn shop. And asks the owner if he was the one who sold him the golden Rat. The owner nervously agrees.

The man then says"Have you got a golden banjo?"