I don't quite understand the conclusion that Cal needs to win at least 2 out of 3 games against favored local opponents, all three games played in the opponents' arenas, or else we are in for a long winter. This is not necessarily the time to focus on winning games, it is the time for improving how we play on both defense and offense, a time for playing hard, playing as well as we can, and let the score take care of itself. The players are still learning how to play, and play together, and the coaches are evaluating their players. These games mean little or nothing. We are not likely gunning for a high seed in the NCAA, but we should be focusing on getting ready for the PAC12 games, which count the most. I think we have a shot to win any of these 3 games, and I'd be OK with one win, disappointed with none, and very pleased with 2 or 3 wins, but I wouldn't throw in the towel if we lose all three. It all depends on how we look if we lose all three. Do we look like a Wyking Jones team in the losses, or are we competitive for 40 minutes?