Wow, what an impressive young man, and a phenomenal representative of our university! So, smart, articulate and thoughtful in answering the questions. So dedicated to excellence on and off the field. So polite (maybe Southern manners?) He GETS Cal. I love his emphasis on all the opportunities there are to learn and better yourself, even just through interactions with people you meet randomly on/around campus - that there's always something to learn and gain every day. I love that he is able to be so focused on his craft (off the field too), and, yet, takes the time and effort to help the younger players develop. There are so many incredibly impressive things he says about the team, his experience at Cal, his mindset and attitude. He's pretty extraordinary. Josh just became one of my favorite Bears. Ever.

Great questions by the reporters enabled us to really learn about Josh, and enabled Josh to shine. I have to admit, I don't always watch the video interviews in their entirety. This one is a must-see/watch - all 15 minutes are well worth your while. (Not that they all aren't, but this one is for SURE!) Thank you very much for the wonderful interview!