This deserved to be bumped-up. Really good analysis:

Big Game: Cal defense is based on turnovers and big plays (not said because of injuries) and that is what happened against a not so great Furd offense . Defense and excellent special tams play especially by the punter masked continuing problems. Offense was able to sustain some drives against a not so great Furd defense, but made errors, continues to underperform on third down and should have scored way more points but didn' again execute. For all the whining about the defense, they pretty much held Furd from scoring and their expreicned players made the plays when they had to . Offense is simply not living up to potential and is inconsistent. Really. good summaries from both Paws and Wilcox why that is. Take you're victories when you can.

Wilcox was as most candid as I have ever heard him. Offense moved ball, but made un-execusble mistakes. No excuses for the drops - not really that many hard catches, especially given the quality of the WRs. Furd did stuff to take away Ott running in first half and Cal responded by trying other stuff to burn Furd. They moved the ball , but the problem was they kept making mistakes and only got 6 points. Made adjustments to simply get Ott the ball in second half. Basically he needs to get 20 touches or so and Cal needs 75 offensive plays or Cal is in trouble. Again, there is some really candid remarks by Wilcox worth hearing.

Also some real good inside football on the role of safeties against todays offenses between Paws and Wilcox for you football junkies.

Just listening to Paws describe UCLA was bleak. UCLA does give up 400 yards a game, but can Cal get them. Again listening to this was a great then investment.

Expect some big tribute for Joe Starkey at game.