Didn't realize Skinner was the Pac 10's leading scorer. I doubt she had someone as quick as Leilani guard her before.

Leilani probably hasn't had to guard someone shorter than her often. And she did it often.

Being at the game you see things you don't see on TV. Amaya has improved her shooting. She was hitting many more threes in practice than I have seen her make before. And she made two free throws. The rotation of the ball on her shots is much better than earlier in the season. She still shoots the ball with too flat an arch.

Langarita is a better shooter than I first imagined. I think I concentrated on her low release point instead of the results. She pairs well with Michele. And Michele has an outside shot too. Pretty good out to 12 feet. Shoots her free throws pretty well.

Leilani leads the Pac 12 in three point per centage with almost 50% a game. She has improved every year. She should shoot more.

Crowd was a little over 800. How do we get more people to the game?