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Endries Ready to Build on Successful RS Frosh Season

April 9, 2024

After a productive day of practice, soph tight end Jack Endries graciously spared some moments to engage with the media, albeit not before indulging in the spectacle of an eclipse.

As the eighth day of spring passed, the team found its rhythm, overcoming the initial hurdles encountered during the first week of practice. Endries, now entering his second year at Cal, carries the weight of experience from his inaugural season and stands poised for the challenges of the forthcoming campaign.

Over the off-season, it is usually a goal for most to gain some weight after freshman year and Endries has no problem with that. “I was 230 last year now I'm 240 but it was hard… a lot of head hitting” Endries laughs about trying to block as an undersized tight end. “I had a lot of head hitting, it was mostly my hands, playing with my hands and just playing with my head to be honest with you and trying to get my feet behind, but it was a challenge for sure to go against everyone that was just 30 lbs. heavier I mean X (OLB Xavier Carlton) was 40 lbs. heavier than me. Not anymore but he was 40."

Along with the added weight and strength gains, Endries trained how to more effectively use his body. “Yeah, not only that I think I've just gained more access to my whole body playing more fluidly and I think that's very important. I think you could be as strong as you want but if you're not playing with your legs under you and like with just force then I just don't think you're going to be as good."

As a preferred walk-on redshirt frosh, Endries showcased his versatility by contributing to the passing game, amassing impressive statistics including 35 receptions, 408 receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns in his Freshman All-American campaign. With a keen eye for strategy, Endries emphasized the symbiotic relationship between effective run blocking and successful route running, highlighting the opportunities it creates on the field. "I think that being a powerful run blocker sets up your routes, actually. It just sets up space, whether you're not only running run blocking but perimeter blocking as well. When you're threatening these the DBs and safeties, you could set yourself up to run routes. When you see someone running full speed at you and you've been hit a couple times in the pass plays and you might back up a little bit, lose some ground and that's where I could probably get a step and just one step is enough to catch a ball."

Endries is a part of an experienced TE room this year along with three redshirt Juniors and one redshirt senior. Along with Ben Marshall, Endries is a part of the young core for the tight ends.

Endries was asked how much has changed in the tight end group from last season.

"Not much has changed,” Endries noted. “I'm still trying to push myself to be the best I could always be, and it just takes every day. It's a little harder with my schedule this year doing the Golden Buddies and Reading Challenge so I'm doing both of those but I'm finding time and I'm getting here earlier and staying later and taking care of myself pushing my teammates. Jeff (Johnson) and I and JT (Byrne) and Ben (Marshall), Nate (Rutchena), Marquis (Montgomery), we're all working as hard as we can.

“I think the tight end room looks really good this year but I’m just trying to push myself to the best I could be and keep challenging myself."

Along with working hard on the field, Endries has emphasized the importance of helping in the community as well.

"I want to give back to the community.” Endries stated regarding what is the most rewarding aspect about him holding a leadership role in the reading program. “That's the most important part. Coming here and they do all this work for us - Berkeley, does all this work for us and I think it's a good look to give back and put the Cal title on and go out to these schools and get back all this stuff that we have here. All that's provided from the donors and from the coaches and all the staff.

Jaydn (Ott) and I are doing the reading challenge this year and we're going to go visit Title 1 elementary schools and talk about the benefits of reading and of course, trying to get them to go our first game against UC Davis which would be the ultimate goal to get them out and give them some football experience and maybe even let them come on the field after the game once we get that win.”

With how chaotic college can be especially for athletes, Endries does his best to get out and be a leader on his team as well as the community.

As the spring days pass by, Endries, now in his second year at Cal, reflected on the progress made during the team's spring practices. With a year of experience under his belt, Endries is ready to take on the upcoming season with newfound confidence. He has embraced the challenge of gaining weight and improving his overall game, both in blocking and catching. Endries recognizes the importance of being a multifaceted player, contributing not only as a pass blocker but also as a threat in the passing game. Alongside his fellow tight ends, Endries is part of a cohesive unit aiming for success on the field.

Despite the demands of college life, Endries remains committed to giving back to the community, particularly through initiatives like the reading challenge. His dedication to both his team and the community exemplifies his leadership qualities, making him a role model both on and off the field.

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