This may be the most important thing these guys do in their lives (seriously). If kids are not reading by themselves by the end of third grade, every year thereafter they will find it harder to learn and will develop ways to hide their inability rather than let it be known. We also have to overcome the stigma applied to kids who read (and learn, generally) by those who can't or won't for fear of ridicule, mostly. This has been exacerbated by a theory of reading (Calkins/Columbia Univ) that has been proven a failure, but has persisted due mostly to bureaucratic inertia and fear of change in some educators.

The approach that is being substituted is the Science of Reading. It's not a panacea, but has shown to be much more successful. So, if the guys hear discussions of reading education, they can better see what's going on and act accordingly.

Sorry to be so pedantic (nothing new for me, in the opinion of some), but it's a preoccupation and very important to me.