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Bear Insider Video: Cal QB Ross Bowers

July 6, 2018

Cal quarterback Ross Bowers, preparing for the upcoming season has been putting in maximum effort to prove to his coaches, teammates, and fans that he deserves to retain the starting QB position this coming year, including adding 20 lbs to his frame in the offseason to weigh in at 205.

An important element in his growth as an athlete is the fact that Bowers grew up around sports his entire life. He was and continues to be heavily influenced by his father, John, a former quarterback for James Madison, who also served as a coach and recruiting assistant for many years following his career. He's currently an assistant coach at Clayton Valley Charter School. Bowers' mother Joanne, a 10-year former head coach of the Washington women’s gymnastics team, also inspired him along the way. She would often bring him to her practices, where he would spend hours running and jumping in the gym.

“I have always had an athletic background. Our family outings were usually hitting baseballs, playing horse, and all that stuff, so I have always just been around sports. I kind of developed my own love for it. Everybody always asks me, ‘Did they [his family] force you to play sports?’ They let me figure out what I like and then supported me either way. It’s really a true blessing to have parents that are that into sports but also let me make my own decisions,” said Bowers.

Born and raised in Bothell, Washington, Bowers had to make quite the change when he decided to move to California. His parents, John and Joanne Bowers, also made the decision to move out to California with their son, and currently live in Walnut Creek. Due to this, they are easily able to support him at all his home games and occasional practices. Bowers claims that overall, the transition to California wasn’t challenging, as he has come to truly love life here.

“I don’t have to wear as many raincoats and gear and all that stuff so that’s really nice. I love living here. I was just talking to my parents, and it feels like I have been here so long. I really feel like I have gotten a chance to actually experience California. It’s a place you fall in love with, you never want to leave. I’m just happy I made this decision when I was 18,” said Bowers.  

Though he has lived here for a few year now, when asked if he is now a “California boy”, he denies it.

“I don’t think I will ever will consider myself a California boy. I definitely love being a California resident, that’s for sure,” said Bowers, with a smile.

As many will never forget, in the 2017 season, in a nationally-televised game against Washington State, Bowers scored with an incredible front-flip touchdown for the Bears. The play gave his team a 27-3 lead and created an even bigger name for himself, considering it was one of the most talked about plays of the season.

“Everybody kind of makes it out to be a lot bigger than it really is, but it was cool to see all of the support and all the nice things people had to say, so it was a cool thing,” said Bowers.

With the 2018 season on the rise, Bowers has been working extremely hard to secure his position as starting quarterback and has set several goals to better himself and his team as whole.

“I am really going to be putting a premium on taking care of the football. That is obviously number one. Two, I think I just need step up as a leader. I want to make sure I’m leading by example and earning the respect of these guys. That is the most important thing to me, other than winning the game. Those are the two biggest things I have attacked this offseason and they have been going well,” said Bowers.

Having worked with the 2018 team for a few months now, Bowers has gotten to know the  players and the team dynamic very well and has high expectations for his team this upcoming season. However, he knows they will all have to work hard and set goals in place in order to be successful.

“I expect us to stick together and to handle whatever adversity is thrown our way. That could mean a million different things. This team is a really resilient group. I think we are a lot closer as friends and as teammates, which I think will help us in tough situations. If we all stick together, make sure that we never break apart as a unit, and always have that faith and belief that we can do it, I think we will be fine,” concluded Bowers.

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