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For sure. Of course we don't give up on our team. My only comment is that for the individuals that are calling for Wilcox's head - a little context is warranted. Especially against top 10 teams.
I mean, you really don't want to get boat raced by anyone in year 7, especially after 6 incredibly mediocre years. But you're right - there's no shame losing in Seattle to an elite UW team that will contend for the CFP and is stacked with NFL talent. However.....

...gagging games at home v. very average squads like Auburn, in year 7, are the reason Wilcox needs to be gone. The Wilcox apologists will point out the refs, or the FGs, or the injuries, blah blah blah but the stunning lack of execution remains an issue, and the program has stagnated.

This resonates with me. The program has stagnated and may even be moving backwards in the way that basketball did. Do we have to have a 1 win season before people realize that? The program is not building any momentum at all. What do we have to look forward to? Wilcox has plateaued and it is not a very high plateau. It could be worse for sure, but with him there is no hope of getting better than we have been. Time to move on.

Except we are in year 7 and after year 5, Knowlton extended him to year 11 at $5 million per year guaranteed with most of this board applauding.

It would cost $20 million to fire him after the season. For a department already in the red and about to take a huge reduction in revenue. I can't see any way we are not stuck with him for three more years. Thus, we just have to hope Wilcox changes or Spavital can turn the offense around and convince Wilcox to get out of his own way.

We have to hope that Joker is fired and a new AD comes in and cleans house. The money will be there if there is someone who can sell a vision to the University and the donors. Joker is not that guy.