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Dear souse: Good post. John Madden always made the point that you have to wait three years before you can fairly evaluate a draft. We should adopt this as a model, always, allowing, of course, that there will always be apples and oranges during this period. I might be inclined to give WJ a grade after 2018-2019 but I hesitate to do so because he does not have the tools in the front court available to other teams. So, let's see if he can recruit at least one top-flight man this fall and let';s see how this man jells with his other teammates during the season. Anyone is free to evaluate WJ at any time. it's a free country. For me, I will be totally prepared to evaluate the entire program after the 2019-2020 season. time for breakfast.
Look, I'm a patient Wyking defender, but we need to show noticeable improvement over last season. Maybe that means going minimum 12-20 overall, 5-12 conference, or maybe the improvement is measured holistically. I'll know it when I see it, but we need to show better play on the court and keep the recruiting going.

And I think we will. That bar is not set very high (but it will keep getting raised).
I've been a WJ defender as well, but I think 12-20/5-13 (you can only go 5-12 if one game is cancelled) is not good enough. He's got some decent players with a year under their belts (McNeill, JHD, Sueing) and some promising freshmen. If he can get the team near to .500, I think he's going to be in trouble.
I can't believe I wrote 5-12 as a conference record! (edited)

You're right: I really lowered the bar after another poster mentioned Enfield's 2-16 and then 3-15, plus another poster's prediction of single-digit wins (overall record).

Point is, if this next year's team shows significant improvement (again, I'll know it when I see it) and WJ is still recruiting well, I think he survives to try a third season. And after last year's debacle, the Bears could still be pretty crappy, overall, but be significantly improved from 2017-18.

I can wait another year, as long as we are obviously headed in the right direction.
Savior grad recruit or not this is a couple year rebuild. Essentially no front court experience, very young everywhere but at point guard, a new point guard, and no real sense at this time of offensive or defensive identity. What could possibly go wrong? Your very right about needing patience, and for ability to see WJ after next season depends on the patience of the new AD and donors.
I dunno, I think if we could add ONE PLAYER who was an offensive and defensive force in the front court, we would be a .500 team in the Pac 12, if most everything fell our way. Maybe even a little better... a "bubble team".
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I'm sorry for my freak out the other day. I had a crisis of faith. I still think that this rebuild will be a good one. Two years of ugliness will be ok, as long as there is progress. I think what happens in the 2019 class will tell us a lot about what is in the future. If we can progress this year and actually compete in '19-20 and pull in a good class in 20, then we could see some serious awesomeness in the future.

I think all of the pieces are in place. I mean, hell- we have Christ and it appears that Christ's view of athletics is a productive one. We also have an AD who knows his ass from a hole in the ground. And say what you will of Jones- he has assembled a coaching staff that can rival most others, at least in recruiting, which is half the battle.

Added to all of that, it looks like 1 and done is on its way out, which can only improve the college game- addition by subtraction, go figure.

My sunshine pumping glasses are back baby!
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Right now, our 7'3" recruit is pumping iron, eating a vat of pasta in beer sauce, and pumping other things that spouts hair on his chest, and he is gonna show up in November playing Phi Slamma Jamma and gunning 3's like Laurie Markaanen.
Actually, it's late. He's now snoozing after a happy ending to his fun filled day.
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