concordtom said:

1. The players weren't stealing anything, not sure what your analogy was. And if we only started with $500, then whose fault was that?
2. "Hard to win AND keep morale high ground....???" so, you believe in cheating or bending rules to win? Something like that?

The end doesn't justify the means.
Okay, out.

Your quote:
"To me and my understanding, it's a disgrace to call yourself a coach a mentor of young men after this jettisoning."

The first analogy is simple. Not everyone judges talent 100%. Sometimes people are fired. Sometimes people, even those recruited, do not make the cut. Many I employ come out of college. Many leave another job to work for my company. If they are not performing, it is not a disgrace to call me a mentor, etc... (obviously, if this behavior was rampant in the program or at my work, it would be telling).

Further, as explained to you ad nauseum, this happens in almost all competitive basketball programs. Wyking did what he was obligated to do, which was allow the former players to keep their scholarship. He is not obligated to keep under performing players on the roster.

My second analogy is simple. Most programs take advantage of the rules to their advantage. An example is hiring assistants who coach or are family of top recruits. An example is spending money to hire away a coach from a top rival. This is akin to starting a monopoly game with two $500 bills. On the other hand, you want Cal to compete in a real world competitive million dollar atmosphere with only one $500 bill because you feel that players should be guaranteed scarce roster spots because they were recruited. This is okay, as long as you don't mind losing games and money. Perhaps your donations can fund a moral high ground but losing program.

As far as cheating, programs do cheat. Alonso Trier has trouble passing drug tests. Oregon is the ex-con grad transfer highway and has been caught somewhat recently incentivizing recruits with custom shoes. Unc has sham classes. Also, please don't bother referring to a time Cal got caught 20 years ago, etc... under Holme.