cal's monster class deux

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tolu jacobs yaffa did not play tonite for capital christian at the nor cal tip off classic at newark memorial high school (don't tell coach nico but you can get a tasty hotdog & a bottle of water for only 5 bucks)...transfer rules stipulate that he gotta sit out the first 30 days of the season

tolu is a key targeted priority as the staff needs to bring in a true 5 as part of cal's started at the bottom class (2018), he definitely passes the eyeball test & most importantly he got good hair unlike coach wyking who also attended a couple of the games (coach o'toole also in the gym tonite)

you can learn a lot about people by watching them, tolu moved around the gym & greeted people with gracious hugs & smiles (he is not inwardly focused), he radiates positive energy & would be a great fit for the cal basketball program/family:tree

Shocky1;842720741 said:

coach martin has offered 7' 275 lbs tolu jacobs yaffa a raw athletic force of nature playing this summer for the west coast all stars aau team & will be attending capital christian school in sacramento this fall...yaffa's family moved from nigeria in 2014 & last year attended king's ridge christian high school in alpharetta, georgia

tolu got academic ambition & got interest from stanford (tim o'toole) & north carolina along with an offer from virginia..he is an ideal cal fit for reasons that extend far beyond playing basketball on a basketball court with a basketball

is yaffa just a selfish dumb azz baller that is inwardly focused?

"i really want to make money so i can help people in need...i might not have earthly things but i sure can put a big smile on ur face"
-tolu jacobs yaffa, the chairmanofdaboards

one of tolu's key mentors is joshua calbert (gotta love that name), a fast rising assistant coach at salesian high school (jabari bird) in richmond that also has a relationships with marcus lee...salesian's head coach is bill mellis (named state high school coach of the year in 2012), a former cal team manager back in the day

trust me if capital christian schedules woodcreek (jordan brown) this upcoming prep season, the shockster is gonna be in the house to check out the battling sophmores...they could become teammates in berkeley in a couple of years, their futures are unlimited both mentally & athletically


impose your will (sweat equity)#

the university of california, berkeley=#1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world (including nigeria)
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how is cal gonna potentially compete for a final 4 in 2018?

watching jordan brown for the 1st time in person is breathtaking, if teamed up with charlie moore that would be literally the most lethal 1 & 4 combo in the nation, he would get the entry/lob passes necessary to go all the way up

jordan runs the floor like an elite athlete & got a good handle in a golden state warriors big kinda way...he finishes thru contact against high schoolers & his clean free throw mechanics look like a 75% stroke...he did not shoot from the perimeter but i'm told by those that have seen him that he has range to 15 feet...he was double (and sometimes triple) teamed all nite & his facial expressions did not change, like the shockster he is not a complainer

brown needs to gain strength to play in the nba (he would be physically abused by 4s in the league right now), coach nico could play an important role in developing muscle & good weight for the top 5 player in the 2018 class...he does not dive for loose balls or close out aggressively on 3 point shooters

jordan finished with 27 points & 25 rebounds in a smooth sort of way, he is clearly the staff's #1 overall recruiting priority

Shocky1;842766839 said:

Dear Shocky

How are you?

I am fine.

Jordan Brown's 1st game of this season is this Saturday at 7:00 pm in the Nor Cal Tip Off Classic at Newark Memorial High School, do you think he's gonna be double teamed?

Best regards,

Coach Martin


what up coach?

i certainly hope so


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bishop o'dowd's flashy/mercurial true point guard elijah hardy played a strong floor game in leading lou richie's dragons to an upset come from behind victory over bishop montgomery the preseason #1 ranked team in california & the #4 ranked team in the nation

elijah has grown probably 2 inches since his freshman year & is now almost 6'1"...he's still very skinny but his dribble is getting louder & his ability to sling dimes on a rope is dramatic...hardy's perimeter shot is much improved & he drained several clutch 3 pointers tonite...elijah's free throw stroke is ok, he's gotta put up 500+ shots every day to take his shooting from good to great

hardy still got some mustard on that hot dog including an ill advised high risk pass late in the game that got intercepted, didn't show good clock management in attacking the basket with 30+ seconds still on the shot clock in the final minutes with his team ahead & fouled 2017 elite shooter/oregon state commit ethan thompson (his moms is sleeping with one of the beavers coaches) behind the perimeter line giving him 3 free throws at a critical juncture

bottom line, elijah hardy is a winner with upside

Shocky1;842704494 said:

elijah got a lotta time before any decisions gotta be made...dude hasn't even been to the bishop o'dowd junior prom yet but no worries, he's gonna invite a curvy brunette yoga female

dragon's fireball#
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[SIZE=5]2018 PG [COLOR="#000080"]Elijah Hardy[/COLOR] lead Bishop O'Dowd to a huge win over No. 1 Bishop Montgomery[/SIZE]

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naseem gaskin is a 6'3" 170 lbs high motor combo guard for the bishop o'dowd dragons that got good hair

tonite he played with insane energy & in a squat position on d the entire game along with relentlessly attacking the glass for boards...his 1st step taking the ball to the bucket is elite & his vision in passing is both crisp & unselfish...gaskin is developing a mid range game & he is a bouncy athlete that can shoot over biggest concern is his low chest release point on free throws (looks like a 70%+ stoke) & 3 pointers (he drained several tonite)

naseem attended the wyoming game at haas pavillion last nite with several of his teammates including elijah hardy & also attended cal's elite camp this summer

Shocky1;842704352 said:

naseem gaskin, an attacking/high scoring 2018 prospect visited with the cal staff on wednesday during an unofficial trip to berkeley, more importantly naseem got really good hair...gaskin is being coached up this summer by kelvin potts of team arsenal

high gpas & good hair matter at the #1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world (including oaktown)
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raymond hawkins is an explosive big that had a crowd roaring tomahawk throwdown & a monster block in tonite's dramatic dragons victory...hawkins demands the ball with his arm outstretched & is being coached up re: establishing position in the paint...most impressively hawkins got a serious motor, he's not just occupying space like a lot of young bigs

Shocky1;842603696 said:

bishop o'dowd's 6'8" freshmen (2019) raymond hawkins scored 9 points with 8 boards in his 1st high school game

lou richie told me he's the real deal, the potential to play at ivan rabb's his efforts with young ivee, richie who is a true educator & a firm believer of his young men all becoming high character student athletes, is working overtime to provide hawkins with the necessary academic tutoring/mentoring to ensure a bright future for a young man from a challenging background

raymond hawkins, write the name down

in addition to raymond hawkins & 2018 flashy point guard elijah hardy, head coach/community leader lou richie also got 6'3" 170 lbs 2018 shooting guard naseem gaskin who is fluid & athletic with a moneyball free throw stroke...naseem's moms is 6'2" & he could grow into being an explosive wing

lou richie & richard midgley (both are close friends with theo robertson)=nor cal's finest (which is not the case for the dumb azz with the pointy euro trash shoes)

go dragons#
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bear territory (50 year friendships)#
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#7 ranked virginia cavaliers (6-0) locked down 63-52 the providence friars into ugly azz off balance jumpers by the wrong guys late in the shot clock...hawkeyes head coach fran mccaffery sums the cavs d up as "they are really a great example of five guys playing as one, they're in the gaps, they're fighting the post, they close off penetration"

ok lorenzo romar reinstituted the program's no d policy after the prior game's lockdown d effort & it was a resounding success as the washington huskies (4-2) allowed 93 points in their 93-80 aau ball unstructured loss to the tcu horned frogs...and yeah the huskies threw in 18 sloppy turnovers just to make sure the outcome didn't change

cal poly mustangs (3-4) played too slo down the stretch & knocked down only 31.3% (10 of 31) 3 pointers in getting pasteurized 72-66 by the elon phoenix

my boy cole gentry did not score as the south dakota state jackrabbits (1-5) walked the plank 71-59 to the east tennessee state jackrabbits...our favorite team from the dakotas needs to get their **** together & raise cal's rpi

uc davis aggies (5-3) unsuccessfully relied too much on 3 pointers (4 of 18) in getting agricultured 79-66 by them oakland golden grizzlies...who even knew there was a college next to the ol' yeller cafe?

uc irvine anteaters (3-3) should spend more time in the gym putting up at least 500+ (ideally 1000) shots a day instead of looking all the time for ******* ants after making 1 of 14 3 pointers in the uc system's bureaucratic 54-37 failure to the milwaukee panthers
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Roger Moute Abidias needs to have a Career day against Rhe Cavalier Cavaliers.
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the southeastern louisiana lions (4-2) are a mentally tough & balanced scoring team that competes on the road with a recent 16 point victory 72-56 at utep & a close 8 point loss 67-59 at colorado state...they got a very strong chance to win the southland conference & be invited to the ncca tournament, tonite's 5:00 pm at haas pavillion will have year end rpi & ncca resume implications for the bears

the lions are led by roomie the lion, 6'7" 220 lbs jaylen brown clone jordan capps (22 ppg on an unreal 73.9% field goals & 8.5 rpg), 5'9" 145 lbs whippet jordan veal (19.3 ppg & a lethal 47.6% on 3 pointers along with 4.5 apg, bears gotta be aware of where the shooter is on the court at all times), 6'7" 221 lbs moses greenwood (12.8 ppg on 62.5% field goals & 6.7 rpg), 6'6" 198 lbs davon hayes (11 ppg & 4.3 rpg) & 6'10" 250 lbs paint enforcer dominic nelson (8.3 rpg & 2.3 bpg)

southeastern louisiana got well built athletes that will put punish teams that do not match them with energy & physicality...they sometimes play out of control, they average 17+ turnovers a game

the keys tonite will be for the bears to play lockdown d in a squat stance for 40 minutes & force the lions into turnovers that lead to run outs & transition baskets

are you gonna be a the barricade tonite at 5:00 pm or what?
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check out the link to the game recaps...elijah hardy with 29 points & naseem gaskin with 21 points & 7 boards along with intense d, both elijah & naseem are gym rats, they love the game of basketball...guys who don't got a passion for the game eventually plateau & stop improving, that's not gonna be case with anybody coached up by lou richie

marco, is there any chance cal could host the nor cal tip off classic at haas pavilion in the future?

the university of california, berkeley=#1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world (including the east bay)

the dragons are towers of power#
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The King's inside passing tonight was fantastic!!!! And of course Charlie was outstanding...again!!!
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[SIZE=5]in extended minutes King played his best overall game
10 points, 9 rebounds, and THREE assists
but King was disappointed he only had one block

coaches working with him every day[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=5]Moore shows us again that he is the best guard on the court
and as impressive as his command of the floor, he is a relentless defender with quick hands[/SIZE]

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left to right, grant "the wolf of wall street" mullins, kingsley "euro dimes" okoroh, charlie "home of the hoagy" moore, ivan "raiders nation" rabb, roger "african transcendent skies" moute a bidias & dontae "augusta national's finest" coleman

there were 2 defining plays in tonite's battle at the barricade:

1) grant "where's my cup protector?" mullins ballsy charge he took to thwart the lion's attack on the favorite play in basketball is taking the charge, putting your love for your teammates ahead of your own sense of physical well being & self entitlement...without jabari bird (this isn't the nba, coach martin can't trade a future 1st draft choice for another bird man, that's not how college basketball works) this team is still looking for an identity, playing the most intense & fearless d in the pac could be that identity...grant's charge symbolizes the lockdown d the bears played very early in the game to build the lead that they never relinquished

2) kingsley "the world's tallest point guard" okoroh's fantastic lob/entry pass to young ivee which fueled up his teammates & the crowd on their ride in the king's uber helicopter to go all the way up, this **** is getting live kinda game changing play...let's be real here, the king is not only blocking/altering shots in the paint, rebounding with a strong physical presence on both ends of the court, continuing to make strides forward in his free throw development but also facilitating/distributing the basketball...and most importantly okoroh got a curvy brunette latina yoga female for a girlfriend, life must be great to be the king

couple of quick tidbits:

*****kam told me he got a mri yesterday & that he'll find out the results in a couple of days...he's thrilled that his sister khayla signed with the washington women's basketball team (final 4 team last year)...k(rooks) told me he's kinda a homebody but that khayla like to go out more & that living near seattle will be a plus to her...told kam to buy her a parka for xmas for the cold azz drizzly northwest weather

*****the bird man is not gonna play in the next couple of games, the staff is not gonna jeopardize his health & future basketball opportunities by trying to bring him back too soon

*****brandon told me he's gonna get his cast off this week, if chauca can sniper the 3 pointers then the bears will benefit from another perimeter shooting presence to prevent teams from playing a sagging zone like the lions did in the 2nd half today

*****marcus told me he's got a 3.8 gpa at cal since transferring to cal which is more important to his moms sheri than anything he does as a basketball player with a basketball on a basketball court...his big bro bryan told me earlier that lee's goal is to build up to 235-238 lbs for next season & marcus told me that 240 lbs would be ideal if possible but that he got a crazy fast metabolism...marcus is currently at 218 lbs...we laughted about his stalker girlfriend ashley judd following him from lexington to berkeley

life is not linear (this is cal basketball)#:axe
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[SIZE=5]do everything guard[/SIZE]


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stanford cardinals (6-1) exposed the seton hall pirates (4-2) lack of any depth beyond their starters in a 66-52 upset...the pirates played with fatigue after too many nites of rampaging the high seas of the indian ocean looking for booty & treasure, they turned the ball over 23 bench intensity on d could be the difference on the beaches of waikiki, sure hope coach webster don't try to do that hula thing that would not be a good thing at all, he should just stick to the pineapple drink at the lou al

bennie boatwright (his dad didn't get even a single bucket) scored 21 points as the usc trojans (6-0, 5-0 on their empty home court) carefully wrapped up the winless santa barbara gauchos 96-72 in front of 891 fans at the galen center, it's true nobody gives a **** about usc basketball...hopefully the disappointed gaucho fans were able to secure an ocean patio seat at nobu malibu for the waygu beef with tasty onions & mushrooms cooked on a sizzling rock at the table on the drive home back to the valley club of montecito

1 & done lonzo ball had 10 assists & 5 turnovers as the ucla bruins (7-0) pharmed 74-67 the texas a&m aggies...jake spavital dnp

xavier johnson scored a career high 27 points as the darkhorse colorado buffaloes (7-0) almost got bitten in the ankles by the pesky wolford terriers...rescue pets matter

ernie kent got the really nice thick stock resume paper at the campus kinkos after the washington state cougars (3-3) got kicked to the curb 88-76 by the san jose state spartans...i dunno don't really think that ernie's pregame team bonding movie of the titanic was such a great choice but who really knows for sure

elite shooter/scorer 6'6" 175 lbs thinman jacobi boykins scored 26 points an alan crabbe like 6-8 3 pointers as the louisiana tech bulldogs (3-2) water dished/hid the bone in the backyard 74-53 the maryland eastern shores hawks...the staff gotta gameplan for wednesday's nite game for the bears best defender roger moute a bidias to fearlessly chase boykins for 40 minutes thru brutal screen packages...charlie & sammy gotta bring relentless d energy to slow miamian poing guard derric jean who got 11 assists vs the hawks, if jean can't facilitate/distribute the hawks offense isn't going anywhere

alcorn state braves (2-3) got tomahawked 80-58 by the colorado state rams in fort collins...cole, nicky ham, koko & shocky got this game circled on the calendar

my boy cole gentry dnp which somehow resulted in them south dakota state jackrabbits (2-6) lettucing 81-58 them brewed up milwaukee panthers in a concerted effort to help cal's rpi...generally speaking jackrabbits are underappreciated re: their thoughtfulness

uc anteaters (3-4) continue to spend too much time trying to find ******* ants to eat instead of playing solid basketball in walking the plank 72-66 to the east tennessee state bucaneers
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saturday december 10th vs them uc davis aggies at haas pavilion at 7:30 pm is gonna be jewish heritage nite, do you got your tix(s)?:bravo

Shocky1;842433018 said:

so what's the worst thing i ever did at cal?

this isn't gonna be a pretty story

yeah, i graduated with the gold phi beta kappa key from the haas biz school, etc. but that doesn't mean my unvarnished blind ambition didn't cause me to do stuff that was wrong

so i wrote a paper for bibliography 128, children's literature, and in rereading it felt it was a technically sound paper but that it lacked interest for the i totally fabricated & included the following opening paragraph:

"I must confess that I was made uneasy to see Anne Franks's The Diary of a Young Girl on the reading list for this class. Seeing the title on the list raised several burning questions in my mind. Why had I never read this famous book? Why had my father (after a heated and lengthy debate with my mother behind closed doors) removed this work off my bookshelf as a child? It seemed to me that the answers to these questions were somehow linked to my now deceased grandfather. Although my parents never talk about him, I remembered from various bits of information pieced together that Grandpa was a figure of dubious distinction in Hitler's brass during WWII. So I was forced to think. Why were my parents, particularly my father, so reluctant to talk about my grandfather? Could the answers to my grandfather's cloudy role in Germany during WWII be found in The Diary of a Young Girl which was so mysteriously taken off my bookshelf as a child?''

and i also rewrote the following closing paragraph:

"But despite her difficult and sometimes cruel life, Anne Frank did not feel sorry for herself and she never gave up. This is a worthwhile message for both adults and children alike. All in all, The Diary of a Young Girl is a sensitive, well written, and compelling self-portrait of a brave and spirited young girl, that at least for me, will always hold a special place on my bookshelf."

absolutely none of this is true...although i have a german last name, nobody in my family has ever had any connections with any racist groups...i grew up in a culturally mixed family that celebrates individuality & diversity, i'm a ******* dad's sister met her jewish husband while they both were at cal

so what did my teachers say in grading the paper?

the professor: "This a fine review, not only perceptive in its commentary but in itself very well written. I hope you will keep on writing, perhaps professionally? A+"

the teaching assistant: "Your paper was very perceptive and moving because the book had a great impact on you. Though you did not generalize about non-fiction, you approached this particular book in a sensitive and understanding way. Thank you for sharing this highly personal and emotional reaction-it was very important for me personally as an Isreali jew, well versed in the literature of the holocaust, to read your reaction to the subject. The book has made you think, grow up, seek further information, and if it has instilled in you the determination not to let the horrible and shameful history repeat itself, then it has served the purpose Anne's father had when he published her diary. A+"

i'm a flawed person but i know i need to set the record straight even if it means that i'm gonna flunk the class so i go to the ta's office hours

i walk in the door & i'm blown away...she (mid to late 20s) is the cutest girl on earth (petite & curvy brunette yoga female with sparkling eyes & a dazzling smile) & we talk/laugh for about an hour about our favorite authors, recent concerts & the personalities of dogs...but i never tell her my paper is full of ****, i can't stand the thought of her hating me so quickly

so i ask her if she would like to go bike riding with me at muir woods & stinson beach that weekend (with the idea that i would tell her the truth & also see her in a bikini) & she tells me she would love to go out with me but that the university code of professional standards does not allow teachers to date students

i don't give up that easily so i suggest we bring our dogs, surely there can be no policy against our dogs hanging out together, right?

she looks at me with sad eyes & tells me "this isn't going to happen, it can't happen" and we say our goodbyes

fast forward to this summer & i take my daughters shay & taylor to anne frank's house in amsterdam...i write & leave a note to both anne frank & the teacher's assistant apologizing for my actions

don't be a dumb azz#
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the bears are already utilizing all of their ncca maximum allocated 13 schollys & it's doubtful wooten would clear cal admissions without a full year of solid academic work/transcripts, if he decides to enroll in college next semester it's not gonna be in berkeley but if kenny decides to waits until the spring for a summer enrollment that might be a different deal

Shocky1;842767275 said:

6'9" 210 lbs with a 7'2" wingspan 5 star kenny wooten has decided to enroll in college next semester, his finalists are cal, kansas, oregon, usc & arizona

wooten was a cal lean at the end of august but now he's probably gonna sign with the jayhawks unless he decides that his family participating in his college experience on gamedays in berkeley & the education of the #1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world is a big part of his values

some guys embrace the academic challenge of cal & some guys just wanna play basketball on a basketball court with a basketball, who are you kenny?...are you gonna take life's hurdles straight on or are you gonna try to go around them?

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best wishes to brawlinho's courageous little guy battle against cancer

mutts lives matter (we are all rescue animals)#
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the beavs best player tres tinkle (son of the head coach wayne) got ligament damage to a broken right wrist, no surgery but he's gonna be out for at least 3-4 weeks

oregon state beavers recruiting gameplan strategy: sleep with the moms of key targeted recruits:woohoo

Shocky1;842731985 said:

the cal's monster class is awarding the worst dad of the year award to stephen thompson sr, an assistant coach at oregon state

despite both of his sons rocking 4.0 gpas as mentally limitless true student athletes with academic ambition, he's pressured his son ethan (actionable stanford offer) to just commit to the beavers after railroading his other son stephen jr (actionable cal offer) to corvallis last year

that's just messed up, dad's career is more important than encouraging his sons to have unlimited future opportunities in life as a result of cal & stanford educations

modern day slavery (not a 50 year decision)#
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let's be real here, it's gotta be great time right now to be the king...did i mention that his girlfriend is a curvy brunette latina yoga female?

the king of darby & his compton princess#:bravo
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2017 true 5 ikey obiagu with the commitment to them florida state seminoles
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[SIZE=5]randle makes a name for himself everywhere he goes...[/SIZE]

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sat by bishop o'dowd head coach/educator/community activist lou richie at cal's game vs southeastern louisiana sunday nite...he was very humble re: his team's victory over the preseason #1 ranked team in california & #4 ranked team in the nation pointing out that bishop montgomery's talented junior & cal recruit david singleton dnp

how did the dragons celebrate their epic saturday upset victory?

lou had the guys at the school at 11:00 am for an extended study session...elijah, naseem & raymond (like ivan rabb & paris austin before them) gotta keep working harder in the classroom to become priority targeted cal prospects, gpas matter at the #1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world

let's do this#:axe


Shocky1;842768876 said:

check out the link to the game recaps...raymond hawkins grew up with a challenging background & is an explosive big with an elite upside...elijah hardy with 29 points & naseem gaskin with 21 points & 7 boards along with intense d, both elijah & naseem are gym rats, they love the game of basketball...guys who don't got a passion for the game eventually plateau & stop improving, that's not gonna be case with anybody coached up by lou richie

marco, is there any chance cal could host the nor cal tip off classic at haas pavilion in the future?

the university of california, berkeley=#1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world (including the east bay)

the dragons are towers of power#
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cal's fake academic model monster class (when i started this thread i used to get private messages from kentucky fans telling me they thought this thread was about calipari) kentucky wildcats pole danced 115-69 the arizona state sundvils (4-3), hopefully everybody got tipped out after their shifts

special k's creampuff preseason schedule finally took a hit with his utah utes (4-1) getting 21 points & 10 boards from kurt kuzma but turned the ball over 18 times & shot a crooked azz 15% (an abysmal 3 of 20) on 3 pointers in getting no puppy love 68-59 from the butler bulldogs in not so sunny salt lake city

the corrupt oregon ducks basketball organization (5-2) almost headed into the heart of darkness with a narrow 68-63 wallet theft of the boise state broncos in freezing azz eugene...young ivee's montera middle school boy paris austin scored 16 points with 4 assists & unlike the vast majority of the oregon basketball players paris is gonna leave school with a college degree not that criminal dana altman gives a **** about stuff like that or anything other than winning basketball games on a basketball court with a basketball

drew eubanks (paternity unknown, could be gregg gottlieb's son for all we know) scored 32 points on 15-21 field goals as the oregon state beavers licked 84-59 the in state southern oregon raiders...ivan, will you ******* calm down, it's not your raiders nation that lost, ok?...relax, tell tami to make some tasty mac & cheese for both of us, a splash of oregano is always a good thing

zylan "carrot top" cheatam scored 18 points & matt "ugly azz vanilla ice" shrigley got 15 points as the san diego aztecs (4-1) tranquilized 100-67 the savannah state tigers
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the staff is taking a serious look at 6'6" 185 lbs trevelin queen, an athletic freshman wing at the college of marin

college of marin head coach scott thom brought his team to berkeley on saturday november 5th to observe the bears closed practice at the gold gym in the rsf before the washington football game...i congratulated scott & trust me unlike coach martin, trevelin got good hair

trevelin graduated from north county high school which is located in glen burnie, maryland with a good not great 3.1 gpa..he's gonna be coached up by thom not only on the basketball court but also in the classroom

the bears need an attacking/slashing 3 for the 2017 class, time was lost with the recruitment of alec hickman who was neither academically or athletically qualified for the university of california, berkeley but queen can't be offered/recruited as a jc freshman until his sophmore year, he's a 2018 prospect

if this recruitment heats up i'm gonna catch one of trevelin's games in kentfield this season, i dunno maybe i could play the meadow club with al & then get over to com afterwards


the cal basketball team needs more attitude, a little east coast bad azz **** you up swagger like biggy might be a good thing

Shocky1;842739778 said:

congrats to my man scott thom being named the head basketball coach at the college of marin...scott was the hard working s&c coach during the mike montgomery era & then the s&c coach at washington state under ernie kent (who's probably gonna be fired after this season)...looking forward to hopefully hosting thom at haas pavilion this season

basketball coaching is a crazy azz biz (kinda like show biz) so it's great to see guys like scott (and hopefully marcus green & mitch elkins in the future), richard midgley & theo robertson have opportunities to pursue their unique dreams

what are my dream in life?...i dunno probably have them dumb azz golden bears make entry lob passes to young ivee, kam & the king this season would be a really good ******* start

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[SIZE=5]heal fast (and well) big guy
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princeton tigers (2-3) held the lead for much of their road game in richmond due to a scorching 47.1% (8 of 17) on 3 pointers but the 19 turnovers & only 26 rebounds caught up to them in getting head butted 81-70 by the vcu rams...the bears gotta gameplan to play disciplined d to prevent the backdoor cuts, close out on the tigers 3 point shooters & own the boards vs the smaller princeton squad in a perfect world (and trust me cal basketball is not linear) none of the bears starters would play more than 25 minutes & would get fresh legs for them seton hall pirates the next day

cal plays princeton in the opening game of the pearl harbor classic on tuesday december 6th at 2:15 pm local time...that's perfect, i'll be the 1st guy out in the morning for a brisk walking 18 holes at waialae country club (the diamond head classic unfortunately doesn't have much seth raynor architectural features anymore due to the pga tour's constant tinkering but the views & aesthetics are stunning), get to the bears game early for warm ups/review with coach martin the gameplan & then dine on bigeye tuna sashimi salad with matsuhusia dressing & teriyaki waygu beef with caviar at nobu way i'm gonna go to a boring azz loo al unless cole, brandon & nicky ham promise to volunteer for the fire breathing thing with torches & **** like that

roadtrip to the islands (this is cal basketball)#
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