I used to love the jokes here

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And then these people took over the board with their spam and it took forever for the moderators to close it down(maybe they didn't have a sense of humor, the moderators that is.

So I wil;l share a joke to get it started again. Forgive me if it has been told before on here.

My wife and I were driving along when we saw this sign on a driveway that said "Talking dog for $10.00"

Well we had to stop and check this out and as we were walking up the driveway we met a dog. so we asked him if he was the talking dog. And he replied that he was . so we asked him to tell us about himself

So he said he started talking as a puppy and word got around pretty quick. Pretty soon the government was nosing around and he went to work for the FBI, by sitting in big drug dens and reporting back about where drugs were going.

After many busts he was visited one day by the CIA after 9/11. They then trained me to sit in terrorists groups and report back when the next bomb was going to go off. This lasted for several years till the dog got tied and wanted to start a family. so he retired, found a wife and had some puppies.

Well , my wife and I were very impressed so we went to the house and met the owner.

We said, "Are you the owners of the talking dog for $10." After he replied in the affirmative , we asked " Why so cheap?"

"The dog's a *******ed liar, he's never been out of the back yard." said the owner.
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Thanks for contributing WVitbear. I also have been disappointed at the lack of funny posts in this section. I like your joke even if it is an older favorite. Great work and let's hope we can revive the laughs!
Go Bears!
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Especially in times of woe when we all need a little humor in our lives.
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