White House has settled in

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B.A. Bearacus said:

Senator Jack Reed: "This White House statement is a stunning window into President Trump's autocratic tendencies, his limited grasp of world affairs, and his weakness on the world stage."

How many different ways can Mushroom D say F-U to everything this country stands for?

Lest you forget how 40% of your fellow citizens view this matter (comments from Daily Mail):

"Love how the left is constantly trying to make us the world police."

"So many dumb people believe what liberal media prints."

"People get killed every day why is he so especial?"

"Who murdered DNC employee Seth Rich on a DC street? Why didn't the DNC offer a reward? Why do they care so much more about this guy than one of their own? "
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B.A. Bearacus
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Trump not only attempted to order the justice department to prosecute his political rivals; he is still talking about doing so. This is a flagrant attack on democracy and the rule of law that the most partisan Republican should recognize as dangerous.
Another Bear
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This is utter BS, especially given Trumpkins got clown stomped in the election. $200m for nothing. W.T.F. happened to traditional conservative fiscal conservativism?

Trump spent $200,000,000 on the election stunt of sending 6,000 troops to the border, then withdrew them before the caravan arrived

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This is an official statement from the office of the POTUS:


First two lines: "America first! The world is a very dangerous place!"

Currently googling "how not to care what others think of you" so I don't die of embarrassment next time I venture abroad.

How has it gotten this far?
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