Jesus and Moses were playing golf and came to a par three that was 150 yards over water. Moses asked Jesus what he was hitting and Jesus said a 9 iron.

Moses said "Hit an 8 iron."

Jesus says" Arnold Palmer hits a 9 iron, I'm hitting a 9 iron." And proceeds to hit his ball right in the water.

Moses says" I'll get your ball," and parts the water and brings the ball back to Jesus. "Hit an 8 Iron," says Moses.

"Arnold Palmer hits a 9 iron and I'm hitting a 9 iron", says Jesus who again plunks his ball in the water.

Moses again parts the water and gives Jesus the ball. And again tells him to hit an 8 iron and he's not getting his ball again.

Of course it is the same result and Jesus hits the ball in the water.

"Go get it," says Moses and Jesus goes skipping out across the water.

By this time the next foursome has arrives at the tee. And one of the foursome says" Who does he think he Is, Jesus Christ"

" Replies,"Moses. "Arnold Palmer."