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Despite loss of Bynum, Secondary Looks Strong

June 30, 2021

The Cal defensive backfield will be without stalwart Camryn Bynum for the first time in four years. He started all 42 games from 2017 through 2020, but now is a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

Even with Bynum’s departure defensive backfield coach Tre Watson says he is happy with his current crew heading into the summer.

“It is a veteran group,” Watson said in a telephone interview. “They are very competitive. They hold each other to a high standard. When I came in here I was excited to see the accountability factor. How they push each other and they have this expectation of success.

“Having the opportunity to have Elijah Hicks (returning interception above) and Joshua Drayden back, those two guys leading and pushing forth the culture of the room. Those guys have played a lot of ball here so their standard has been emphasized throughout the group,”

A look at the members of the defensive backfield with comments on each by Watson.


Chigozie Anusiem, 6-1, 205, Redshirt-Jr,

“He’s very competitive. His mindset is he has to become the best corner in the country. His preparation I think is really big. And how he approaches each day is excellent.”

Josh Drayden, 5-10, 190, Redshirt-Sr

“Josh has the versatility to play corner and nickel. His communication on and off the field, his presence, his physicality is what sets him apart.”

Cal Athletics
Tre Watson

Tarik Glenn Jr., 5-10, 185, Redshirt-Soph

“A young guy, works hard every day. I think he comes in with the right attitude and mindset that can contribute to the room. I think he could possibly play nickel as we get into fall camp.”

Collin Gamble, 5-10, 200, Soph

 “He has shown his athleticism early. He continues to grow with his communication. He had a pretty good spring, I am excited to watch him in the fall.”


Lu-Magia Hearns, 5-11, 180, Fr,

“He just got here. I am looking forward to seeing him in the fall as he gets acclimated through his offseason workouts.”

Kaleb Higgins, 6-2, 185, Fr.

“A midyear guy that came in. I think that process helped him a lot to get acclimated academically as well as athletically. His length and ability to pursue in press situations is really good.”

Jaylen Martin, 6-2, 190, Redshirt-Soph

“He had a pretty solid spring. He had the opportunity to come in halfway through the spring and we got to see him make some plays on the ball. He has pretty good size. I am looking forward to seeing him take the next step.”

Evan McLurkin, 6-0, 190, Soph.

“Walkon, A great guy. He surprises me in his ability to take the practical teachings and translate it onto the field. He is a quick learner. I like Evan a lot.”

Tyson McWilliams, 6-2, 185, Soph.

“Former basketball player. His athleticism shows up because of that. He has a pretty bright future.”

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Branden Smith (18) signals safety

Branden Smith. 5-10, 180, Redshirt-Sr.

“He is a competitor I think he might be considered one of the smaller DBs now, But he has a knack for getting around the ball. He can play nickel as well.”

Isaiah Young, 5-10, 175, Soph

“Smart kid, communicates well. Showed up during the spring in terms of his playmaking ability. Another guy who can possibly play nickel.”


Hunter Barth, 6-2, 210 Freshman

“He is very physical. Has a high football IQ. Definitely prepared to make an impact. He plays the ball well as a post safety. Has good range.:

Dejuan Butler, 5-11, 210, Soph.

“He is a competitive, physical kid. He continues to make strides week in and week out. He asks a lot of questions, wants to get better. Those are good things you want to see from a young guy.”

Zane Cribb, 5-11, 200, Sr.

“A walkon, transferred in (from Diablo Valley College). His previous stop helped him a lot in terms of physicality, having a feel for the game.”

Elijah HIcks, 5-11, 200, Sr.

“He is really an exceptional player, the leader of this group. His preparation, his physicality,  being able to play in space and cover guys are all outstanding. Being a former corner he understands the whole defense.”

Eric Iosefa, 6-0, 170, Fr.

“He just got here. Nice to see his growth and how he’ll adapt given the opportunity.”

Daniel Scott, 6-2, 205 Redshirt-Sr

“He has played a lot of ball here. His leadership qualities, he’s the general. He always knows where to be and he’s helping guys with their assignments as well.”

Raymond Woodie, III, 6-0. 200, 

“He transferred in (from Florida State). He has been a great addition to the room. He has the right attitude and mindset, a guy that loves football. He watches film, trying to get as much preparation in as he can. He is going to help us a lot.”

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Spor
Craig Woodson runs down a Huskie

Craig Woodson, 6-0, 205, Redshirt-Soph.

“I think his athleticism helps him a lot. He’s smart, competitive, shows up early, really wants to be good. The type of guy that you love in the room, both on and off the field.”


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Despite loss of Bynum, Secondary Looks Strong

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I take it Isaiah Humphries has left the program?
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Typo. Glenn misspelled.
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This group looks deep and promising.
The difference between a right wing conspiracy and the truth is about 20 months.
Cal Strong!
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Cal Strong like secondary STRONG!!!!!
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BearForce2 said:

This group looks deep and promising.

I would expect no less from JW
The D will be tested early and often this season so the young guys need to step up.
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MilleniaBear said:

I take it Isaiah Humphries has left the program?
Yes, Humphries is no longer a member of the Cal football program
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He came back again
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Glenn still misspelled.
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