2018-2019 Season: Women's Swimming

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Last year the Stanford women took a comfortable 1776.5 - 1487 win over Cal. This year a repeat performance seems likely. A win this year would be a third straight for the Stanford women.

Stanford lead the current Swimulator projection with 1412 points, 287 points ahead of 2nd place Cal's 1125. This is actually much larger than Stanford's lead at this point last season when they held a 66.5 point advantage over Cal (1336.5-1270). At conference Stanford put up 186.5 more swimming points than the Bears and 123 more diving points to win handily.

As to who actually wins this meet, how much Stanford gains or loses is unlikely to matter. Yes, they probably won't pick up 200 points again, but they are so far ahead of Cal that, barring a catastrophic Ella Eastin and Taylor Ruck tandem bicycle accident, they won't be caught. Stanford return more diving points than Cal and were noticeably flatter than Cal at their mid season meet - increasing the chances Stanford drop more from their seeds when they taper.

Cal should pick up some points. In January they're adding Isabel Ivey the high point winner from this month's Juniors East. Amy Bilquist should get healthy and improve her projected 51 points - she scored 80 last year. Cal's problem is that they are already projected to score really well in most of their areas of strength and they're still far behind. They have the top time in 4 of the 5 relays and are 2nd in the 5th one. Abbey Weitzeil, Katie McLaughlin, Keaton Blovad, and Robin Neumann are already projected to score 80+ points. Not much room to gain there. I don't see a way the rest of their roster can find 200 more points.

Both teams will likely treat this meet as a nationals qualification/rehearsal meet rather than as an actual goal meet. They're ranked #1 and #2 in the country. They have their sights on bigger things.

The more interesting battle is for 3rd. USC lead the 3 third place contenders with 1087 projected points ahead of Arizona's 951.5, and Arizona St's 688. Last year's 3rd place team, Arizona State returns 171 diving points, more than USC's 131 and Arizona's 78.


Stanford | 1412 | 1336.5 | 1538.5 | 238 | 161
California | 1125 | 1270 | 1352 | 135 | 135
Southern Cali | 1087 | 1003 | 817.5 | 131 | 131
Arizona | 951.5 | 977.5 | 852.5 | 80 | 78
Arizona St | 688 | 664 | 751 | 245 | 171
UCLA | 558 | 649.5 | 637.5 | 210 | 168
Utah | 554 | 428.5 | 394 | 47 | 45
Washington St. | 321.5 | 356 | 307 | 0 | 0
Oregon St | 239 | 207 | 199 | 0 | 0

  • UPDATES =>

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Alex Sumner's pending transfer across the country to Yale confirmed (at least via her Instagram bio, LOL).
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UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

reckon there exists a possibility that popular & smart swim froski Alex Sumner may be exploring a transfer to Yale or one of the Ivies (or Duke)??

My original albeit dodgy theory of Alex's "moshpit shenanigans" leading to an injury aside, Sumner hasn't suited up for Bears in a competition yet, and is no longer listed on the current roster... YMMV.
HBear said:

Alex Sumner's pending transfer across the country to Yale confirmed (at least via her Instagram bio, LOL).

Do sort of appreciate Alex's wry sense of humour there -> "Cal Dropout '18"

Although saddened that things didn't work out for whatever reason here with our ex-legacy Baby Bear (mum's a Boalt Hall/Berkeley Law grad), do wish Sumner the very best in her new adventures @ Yale!

  • UPDATE => Bio now changed to a more prosaic "Yale Swim"... :p

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Abbey Weitzeil Dialed In, Focused on NCAA Championship

By Dan D'Addona | Swimming World

"I think that each year gets easier to trust in my training and my teammates and Teri (McKeever). We have been doing some new stuff and it has been working well," she said. "My confidence has been up and I am really excited about the season."

"I feel like I am more open minded to different things now. I was so set on one style of training working for me in 2016 and that is what hurt me a lot my freshman year," she said. "It was a big learning experience. Coming in freshman year, it was definitely a hard year for me. I learned a lot. Sophomore year was better, but still not what I wanted. I have grown each year, mostly mentally."

"I feel like my personality is helping people and giving to people, so that is a natural role I fall into. I love being a leader around the pool and around the team. I appreciate that people do trust me to lead," she said.

"I feel like we could be seen as an underdog, but losing Kathleen doesn't change any aspect of that," Weitzeil said. "We are still a great team and we can put up a great fight."

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Note: UT Head Coach Capitani's an All-American (IM, Breast) Cal alum...


Teri McKeever and Carol Capitani: Current Trailblazers for Female NCAA Head Coaches

McKeever has gained national recognition for being one of college swimming's greatest coaches. She has racked up 61 relay and individual NCAA titles, in addition to her four NCAA and PAC-12 team titles respectively. Her efforts have named her PAC-12 Coach of the Year seven times and have ranked Cal in the top three teams at NCAAs for 10 consecutive years - the longest period in the nation. Additionally, she has coached 26 of her athletes to the Olympics.

McKeever has not only coached swimmers at University of California-Berkeley to success but has also extended her efforts to many swimmers nationwide. In addition to her 27 years as head coach for UC-Berkely's women's team, McKeever has also been appointed to the head coaching positions of Fresno State (1988-1992) and most notably, the 2012 United States Women's Olympic Team. Her prodigies include but are not limited to Natalie Coughlin, Dana Vollmer, Jessica Hardy, Missy Franklin, and Kathleen Baker.

In addition to being one of the few female head coaches of a top tier Division I program, McKeever is the only woman to be selected as a head coach of any U.S. Olympic Swim Team. However, Dave Salo- head coach of University of Southern California - tells the NY Times that McKeever struggles with her gender defining her career. He recalls, "She wants to stand against anybody and go, 'Look, I do this well; I do it right; I'm successful at it - no different than a man.'"

Rather than wanting to be known as "the first female head coach to" McKeever wishes to be known for her excellence in coaching successful swimmers. By making strides to increase female head coach opportunities in college swimming, perhaps women like McKeever and their accomplishments can be normalized. After all, it isn't their gender that makes their careers relevant - it's their success.

Both McKeever and Capitani have evolved their teams into extremely successful, top tier Division I programs. Being the few female head coaches in a male dominated field, both of these women have made impressive strides in both college swimming and at the national level just like some of their male counterparts. Their success and efforts to normalize female head coaches are perhaps starting to pave the way for more female head coaches within not only college swimming, but throughout the entire sport.


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With the Hawaii training trip just round the corner, let's warmly welcome Baby Bears Isabel Ivey & Chloe Clark to the Bay Area (and to Bear Territory)!


Alright, to temper unrealistic expectations somewhat for our #1 recruit in the class of 2019, one should take into account that most of Izzy's lifetime bests were accomplished all the way back in 2016, having experienced some injuries post 2016 Pan Pac Jrs.

Izzie will additionally face considerable challenges in starting her NCAA & collegiate career a semester early, trying to adjust to the vigorous academic standards of Cal, tackling new & unfamiliar environments in the classroom, coaches, teammates, training methods - whilst striving to ramp up her preparations in a massively abbreviated window, focussing to qualify for NCAAs in March without the benefit of a prior mid-season invite...

UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

Let's just start off with some potential/projected NCAA events for Izzy this March:

Day 2 | 200 IM (1:55.77 -> 2018 NCAA B Final)
Day 3 | 200 Free (1:43.64 -> 2018 NCAA A Final)
Day 4 | 100 Free (47.88 -> 2018 NCAA B Final)

  • Alternative/Backup/Secondary Events (less likely...but you never know, depending on team needs!):
Day 2 | 50 Free (22.43 -> 2018 NCAA, #26 in prelim)

Day 3 | 100 Back (52.27 -> NCAA, #19 in prelims)
Day 3 | 100 Fly (52.61 -> NCAA, #27 in prelims)
Day 3 | 400 IM (4:12.08 -> NCAA, #30 in prelims)
Day 3 | 100 Breast (1:00.99 -> NCAA, #41 in prelims)

Day 4 | 200 Fly (1:56.48 -> NCAA, #27 in prelims)
Day 4 | 200 Breast (2:11.56 -> NCAA, #38 in prelims)

Wrote the above back on 14 Nov 2018 ... well, just a couple of weeks following that, Izzy proceeded to throw down the following performances @ 2018 Florida GSC Holiday Classic & 2018 Winter Juniors:
  • 100 Back - 52.27 @ 2016 -> 51.73 *new Personal Best* = NCAA scoring territory (the only current Bear who's been faster = Billy)
  • 100 Fly - 52.61 @ 2016 -> 52.11 *new PB* = close to NCAA scoring (Bug = 51.17 @ 2018), Madds = 51.15 @ 2017)
  • 50 Back - 24.29 *new PB* (Billy = 23.81 @ 2016, Keeks = 24.16 @ 2018)
  • 50 Free - 22.43 @ 2016 -> 22.27 *new PB* = close to NCAA scoring
  • 200 IM - 1:56.13 (2nd fastest of career) = NCAA scoring territory ... PB = 1:55.77 @ 2017
  • 100 Free - 48.32 (3rd fastest of career, & fastest since Ivey's breakout year in 2016) ... PB = 47.88 @ 2016
  • 200 Free - 1:46.68 (10th fastest of career) ... PB = 1:43.64 @ 2016
Well, definitely much work still to be done there in Izzy's 200 Free lol. Note tho that last event was attempted in the middle of a really tough treble @ 2018 Winter Juniors East. On the bright side, Ivey did lay down a 1:44.45 @ Feb 2018, which is within 0.81 sec of her 2016 PB.

Would also like to believe that it wouldn't have made much sense for Izz to have targeted Winter Jrs as a taper meet, with the much higher priority goal of 2019 NCAAs looming shortly ahead ... but then again, most of us here aren't exactly models of objectivity when it comes to our favourite school teams, so what do I know?!

At any rate, one other promising observation has to do with Izzy's relatively recent swims in the big pool (LCM) from the Spring & Summer of 2018:
100m Fly - broke her 2016 personal record on a total of 4 occasions in 2018!
200m & 100m Free - came really close...
200m IM - wasn't that far off
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Didn't mean to inadvertently let Izzy hog all the limelight here lol, so here are some stats that I had looked up for her roomie Chloe which was posted on the board in mid-November (National Signing Day) & during the first week of Dec (2018 Winter Juniors West):

UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

Well well, it now appears that we'll be welcoming 2 new Baby Bears next semester then...yay!

Here are some of the events which versatile Chloe could potentially tackle, at the conference championship level if not quite yet @ NCAAs in her freshie year:

Day 2 | 200 IM (1:57.32 PB @ Dec 2016 -> 2018 Pac12 B Final)
Day 3 | 100 Back (53.21 PB @ May 2018 -> Pac12 B Final...a 53.18 would have made A finals)
Day 4 | 200 Back (1:56.79 PB @ Feb 2016 -> Pac12 B Final)

  • Alternative/Backup/Secondary Events:
Day 2 | 50 Free (22.65 -> Pac12 B Final)

Day 3 | 400 IM (4:13.94 @ Dec 2016 -> Pac12 B Final)
Day 3 | 100 Breast (1:02.68 PB @ March 2017 -> Pac12 C Final)

Day 4 | 100 Free (49.27 PB @ Dec 2016 -> Pac12 B Final)
UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

That 51.73 PR of Isabel's from 30 Nov manages to just eclipse Keeks' 51.83 PB from 2018 Pac-12s, and in effect earns Ivey the distinction of being the fastest active Bear in this event starting next season, if Keaton doesn't leapfrog her in turn lol (assuming Billy doesn't fully recover in time for 2019 NCAAs)

If the rumour that Izzy isn't anywhere near a full taper at these Winter Juniors (cos of saving it for 2019 NCAAs) can be taken at face value, then Izzy already seeing a lifetime best in the 50 Free + 50 Back on top of coming within striking distance in the 200 IM has to be rather encouraging news to Bears!

Chloe will also be coming to Cal in a month's time, and in contrast Clark looks to be swimming really tired here judging from her adding quite a bit of time, which would make sense... i.e.saving her taper for Pac-12s (and hopefully onto qualifying for NCAAs)

Last but not least, just have to love this fab family portrait haha - Go Bears!

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==> "Winter Training" (video)
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2018-2019 Roster has now been updated to reflect our pair of mid-year froskis - #1 Isabel Ivey & #12 Chloe Clark. reckon they have now officially graduated from Baby Bears to Golden Bears?


UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

Isabel Ivey - Gainesville, Fla. / Buchholtz HS

Considered the No. 1 recruit in the country by SwimSwam.com and is a member of the U.S. Junior National team in three events - 100 and 200 free and 100 fly ... also on the Junior National Team in 2017-18 ... owns best times of 22.43 in the 50 free, 47.88 in the 100 free, 1:43.64 in the 200 free 1:00.99 in the 100 breast (Florida high school record) and 52.61 in the 100 fly ... at 2017 Winter Nationals, finished second in the 200 free and 200 IM, as well as third in the 100 back and eight in the 100 free ... a two-time Florida state Swimmer of the Year ... has won state titles in the 50 free, 200 free, 100 breast and 200 IM ... helped Buchholtz HS to the 2017 Florida Class 4A title ... competed at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in both 2016 and 2018 ... swims for the Windermere Lakers Club.


btw, Izzy's bio needs to be updated with her new lifetime bests from 2018 Winter Jr, which I have taken the liberty of doing below... :p
Cal W Swim & Dive said:

  • Among her best times in high school were 22.43 22.27 in the 50 free, 47.88 in the 100 free, 1:43.64 in the 200 free, 1:00.99 in the 100 breast (Florida high school record), and 52.61 52.11 in the 100 fly


UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

Chloe Clark - Granite Bay, Calif. / Granite Bay HS

Ranked the No. 12 recruit in the country by SwimSwam.com, Clark is a two-time state champion, having won the 100 back as a junior and 200 IM as a sophomore ... owns best times of 53.21 in the 100 back and 1:57.32 in the 200 IM ... a three-time Scholastic All-American ... named her high school team's Rookie of the Year as a freshman and picked up most valuable honors as a sophomore and junior ... helped Granite Bay HS extend its streak of league championships to 22 years in a row ... owns school records in the 50 and 100 free, 100 back and 200 IM ... also the CIF Sac-Joaquin record holder in the 100 back and 200 IM ... a six-time league champion and five-time section champ ... swims for the Sierra Marlins Swim Team ... a 15-time All-American award recipient.


  • UPDATE =>
Hmmm, it has now been brought to me attention (cheers s19!) that SwimSwam has edited their original writeup to reflect a change of status for Chloe (bolded text below), who is now scheduled to start classes this semester, but who apparently won't swim (train?) with her teammates until next semester...

SwimSwam said:


California's Chloe Clark, our #12 recruit from the class of 2019, will finish Granite Bay High School six months early and head to Cal in January as a mid-season addition to the class of 2022 to begin taking classes, though she will not join the women's swimming and diving team until the fall of 2019, per her coach Robert Collins.

(Isabel Ivey, also graduating early, will join the Bears' roster in mid-season, The additions of Clark and Ivey will go a long way toward mitigating which will help mitigate the loss of senior Kathleen Baker, who decided to forego her final year of NCAA eligibility to turn pro.)

  • UPDATE =>
A bit of clarification from our resident swim guru, if I may take the liberty of quoting:
BearDevil said:

It's just semantics. Chloe's enrolled, so she can practice with the team while blueshirting. Happens in football and basketball all the time.

Would make no sense for her to compete unless she projects as a scorer at NCAAs.
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UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

==> "Winter Training" (video)

Actually the real Winter Training Trip for our swim Bears, Hawaii edition (co-ed diving team already in Zona for their version - see below), has begun...

For a look back on previous chapters of this apparently very popular Cal W Swim tradition , feel welcome to check out the following board discussions from the archives:




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So, here's a look at the top 10 in every NCAA event. Freshmen only.
  • Canadian Mabel Zavaros of Florida and Briton Alicia Wilson of Cal have also excelled thus far in the year.

200 IM
| #2 | 1:55.77 | Wilson, Alicia | FR | California | B | 11/29/2018

200 FLY
| #8 | 1:57.29 | Bayer, Cassidy | FR | California | B | 12/01/2018

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Freestylin': Coach Teri McKeever on How to Swim Like a Girl

By Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara

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Some updates from the Hawaii Trip!

Alexa S-N & Abbey
Sarah, Natalie, Alicia
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UrsusArctosCalifornicus said:

CAL SPORTS QUARTERLY: 2018-2019 Winter

Getting Her Mojo Back

Budding Confidence Helps Katie McLaughlin Find Success In and Out of the Pool

By Herb Benenson

More excerpts:

The impact McKeever had on Katie and another young Pan Pacs swimmer, Kathleen Baker, was significant. "I was young. Kathleen and I were the youngest two there," Katie said. "It was good to have Teri be there for you. She wasn't intimidating. She cared about me more than if I were to swim well. Are you having a good time? Are you buying souvenirs? What did you do today? That was important."

"I really liked how Teri had a different approach to swimming," she said. "It was more about being a good swimmer and athlete, not just grinding you in the pool and forgetting about you.

It seemed like a healthy way to be a good athlete and swimmer and learning how to grow as a person. Being on campus, you could tell that the team really cared about each other. Teri wanted people to grow."

In her senior season, McLaughlin believes that she is going to graduate from Cal a more confident person with a larger repertoire of races than she had when she first entered college. How she responded from her injury combined with mentoring from McKeever played a significant role in her development.

Added McLaughlin: "Teri does a really good job making us confront things directly. I've learned how to handle things as they come up. If I'm taking better care of myself, I can do a better job taking care of people around me. I need to figure out what I need to be a better teammate and daughter for everyone around me."


  • UPDATE =>
Getting Her Mojo Back

As she has progressed through Cal, Katie McLaughlin has learned to be more direct in her actions, which she says has helped her become a better teammate.

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More Winter Training fun from Hawaii:

Last, but certainly not least - our 2018 Froskis (version 2.0 ), featuring birthday Bear Elise

Cass, Chloe, Alicia, Ema, Izzy, Elise
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  • (Part Deux)



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  • (Part Trois)





Cass, Lisi, Alicia
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With the NCAA championship season on the horizon now that we're 3 weeks into 2019, swimming squads across the United States are buckling down to make the most of the last critical weeks of the season. Among the grinding swimmers is a handful of first-year athletes hailing from Great Britain, getting their feet wet on this side of the pond within the NCAA ranks.

Below, we've profiled several of the British recruits to check-in on how they're faring during the 2018/19 NCAA season. Take a look to see the impact they're making thus far.


Alicia Wilson, University of California, Berkeley

Wilson already has 3 NCAA 'B' cuts logged through this 2018/19 season, highlighted by her 1:55.77 200 IM time earned at the UGA Fall Invite. That blows away her pre-season personal best of 1:58.37 (converted from LCM) and ranks the former Guildford City Club athlete 11th in the NCAA Division I in the event this season.

200 IM | 2:14.60 | 1:58.37 | 1:55.77


Anna Hopkin, University of Arkansas

Layla Black, University of Florida

Olivia Gardner, University of Akron

Holly Shepherd, Florida International University

Elloise Clements, Oakland

Of note, Tori Sopp of Wirral Metro Swim Club had committed to Drury, while Isabel Jones of Millfield had committed to LSU.
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Well our Golden Bears certainly do clean up well...


Seniors w/coaches

Aisie & Coco


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Apparently no major injuries sustained during the 2019 edition of our Bears' Training Trip, for once... *breathes massive sigh of relief*


Meanwhile, down in Los Angeles:

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final updates from the Hawaii trip!



Jenna, Elizabeth

Chloe, Elise, Cass, Alicia


Ali, Chloe
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  • Date - 1/25 & 1/26
  • Hosts - Arizona State & Arizona
Why you should pay attention: Cal will travel to the desert for a Friday match-up with Arizona State and then a dual with Arizona the next day. We're ramping up into championship season, with Pac-12's about a month out - every meet will give us more intel on how Cal looks, and we may get some answers on Hugo Gonzalez's potential racing this season (though it would be surprising if he was able to figure out his eligibility/transfer formalities this quickly into the new semester). Cierra Runge of ASU will also be racing against the first NCAA program she was ever a part of, the Cal Bears. Distance specialists Kirsten Jacobsen, Hannah Cox, and Brooks Fail from Arizona will try to target one of Cal's weaker disciplines (especially on the women's side).
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Well done to all our talented student-athletes! Go Bears!

713 Teams Recognized for Classroom Success

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